Sunday, May 16, 2010

LIGHT can change your life into DARKNESS

LIGHT can change your life into DARKNESS
By: ~dae_meen~
A mother is devastated, she is howling with pain, yelling all she can in that dark and dingy night. There was nobody to hear her yell and not a soul to pacify her, because outside her shack is a long winding lonely road. There was no existence of mankind for miles and miles ahead. The wind was at rest, the leaves didn’t rustle and no resonance of a barking dog, silence filled the air. Loneliness was already killing her, but no one knows what made her cry?
Losing something you love with all your heart isn’t really the grief you can ever overcome. Khadijah lost her baby. Her only means to live. She saw her child getting crushed under a car in front of her own eyes. Blood was all over and the accident was terrible, too terrible to imagine. She can only say that “That LIGHT DARKENED her life.”
The whole time she walked with her child in her arms the only thing that worried her was Amins (her son’s) future. What kind of a person will he be? Will he make me proud? How much light is life going to bring in his existence? She was imagining and feeling every day of the Childs growth, and what she had in store for him. But who knows what’s in store for us tomorrow, life can change in the splits of a second. Talk about destiny, all those dreams hopes and expectations were snatched away from her in an instant. Her smiles were frowns and her faith just crumbled, like a deal soul in a living, rather breathing body.
This is how it happened…. On that abandoned road, were a few streetlights dimmed and barely sufficient to see. There was this one light that was visible from a distance, but as it came closer it got brighter and brighter. That LIGHT changed Khadijah’s life into DARKNESS forever. A speeding car came down that road, as if the driver had jammed the accelerator, cutting across the wind. He came at a speed of 110kmph throwing beer bottles out of his half open window. He was definitely drunk, the speed took everything in its path.  Just then, there was a loud cry, and silence set in again, the cry of a baby and no sight of a child.
Ironically the mother wasn’t hurt, not a scratch on a body, not a bruise on her arm. She opened her eyes and didn’t she Amin, her vision was blur. After a few minutes when her sight cleared up she looked all over frantically for her baby, but alas!! There was nothing. Just then she noticed something about ten feet away, it was blood draining into the gutter’s, and pieces of minced flesh, laying there saying so much without saying anything at all. It was the blood of her baby; the child who hadn’t even seen life, the same sinless child whose future was just being planned taken down by the LIGHT in DARKNESS.
            This was only a made up story. In life, we have the power to choose what type of LIFE we want. Whenever there is GOOD, there will be EVIL. The definition of the word “wonders” in GOOD and EVIL is sometimes exactly the same. LIGHT can be both in them but whether it is the “LIGHT in LIGHT” or the “LIGHT in DARKNESS” depend on how you define things as they are. Do not follow that DARK path even how wonderful it can be. If you pursue that path, the outcome has never been wonderful as what you have seen. Not only you will be affected, but the things attached to you will feel the same dreadful sensation you felt.
  Read this story and make your own conclusion. May The Blessings of ALLAH be upon us.


Humayra' said...

a good analogy indeed.
but with a few grammatical errors here and there. do re-check your essays, amin..

wish I can have as much ideas in writing as u do. my blog has not been updated in a while..

may Allah bless

salbiah said...

Who is khadijah? Do you want to free yourself from her? Do appreciate her care and presence so long as she lives. Otherwise, you will regret when she dies.

Amin Misran said...

To mama..

The name "Khadijah" and "amin" doesn't really indicate the real person.

And this is just a made up story..
so it doesnt mean the writer wants to free himself from his mother...

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