Friday, March 25, 2011

"I can't, it's impossible"

“Nothing is Impossbile”
Picture by Muttaqee @ Masterpiecestudios of flickr

“Can you do it?” Asks A to B.

“I can’t, it’s difficult” says B to A.

“Have you tried?” Asks A to reaffirm.

“Yeah, I have but still, I CAN’T, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE” retorts B again.

It is an often phrase you mighthave heard right? Well, actually, these two phrases I regard as among the most famous phrases one may utter.

And because of this phrase alone, many people have suffered the consequences. This phrase has become the root of failure the Ummah is enduring now. This phrase has made us WEAK now.

These words uttered are the result of feeling “You can’t do it” but actually this feeling is an illusion, a mirage, a delusion, a hallucination, a fantasy, whatever you may say it but the point is, it is actually NOT REAL! This is indeed the outcome of Satan who managed to “disabled”our minds and made us feel “I can’t, it’s impossible.”

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