Tuesday, March 23, 2010


by: ~dae_meen~
Oh no! It’s that time of the year again,
when all the pressure is here in my head,
my stomach’s all wobbly, my eyes are in pain,
I’d rather much stay tuck in bed!!
Flashing back to the past exams and tests,
I nearly failed in all of them!!
Do you think that this is the best?
I was half dead answering but the result was all the same!!!
Before my eyes I see the points I miss,
flying away to unknown spaces.
I was also an inch away from a passionate kiss,
but I blew it, like I did with many other cases.
My brain is not thinking clear,
although my intentions are sincere.
My skills, knowledge and my cool,
went mute like a clueless fool.
My nerves are getting on my nerves,
anxiety is dominating my life,
Sweating profoundly, I'm soaking wet.
My vision fades to black.
Always shaking at the most important test,
at my final exams, my mind was stressed.
My heart storms with great force in my chest.
The terrorist called tension leaves me depressed.
I tried to set my intentions clear,
only for ALLAH my purpose is sincere,
but HIS assessments are very intense,
I do not know whether I can put up a good defense.  
Will it ever cease,
spreading like a disease?
Will I ever be in peace?
Give me an answer, please.


saraH²amizah said...

cant help much.me also in the study fever.

though the best preparation have been done, but i'll still be blur when looking at the question.

the best way i'm doing now, dont stay up late, but do wake up early in the morning.

kalau stay up tapi subuh setiap hari lambat pun tak guna juga.takda berkat dalam ilmu tu sendiri. so bangun awal is the best way.still fresh, and alang alang tu boleh qiam skali.

bittaufiq wannajah fil imtihan.

my final 5-14april. do pray for me to0o0o

Amin Misran said...


Your final is 5-14april..but mine is tomorrow 24/3/2010 to 5/4/2010...

Masyallah...but duk main tenet lagi...

Insyallah...ALLAH will help you...

MuNsYi SaMa said...

mine is on 27th-7th apr. hehe

May Allah ease everything for you.LAW je pon. haha.Bile nk tukarnye?

Amin Misran said...

ish anta ni Syu'bah.."baina halal wa haram, Syu'bah"<--(Ni bukan hadith doif tapi hadith mungkar haha)

Ana sudah hantar da borang COP (Change Of Program) pada A n R, tapi kalau ALLAH izin tukar ke BEN (Bachelor of English), next semester baru jadi...

Ana akan jadi org lama la di UIA ni...Sbb hajat nak smbung double major dgn IRK...

p/s: LAW susah tau tak...hehe

Atiqah said...

1. good luck
2.I love ur poem...u should take English course and indulge urself in poetry and creative writing..
3. exam?? hmm cant say much coz i hate exam too..i'd rather spend the whole months doing assignments instead of cracking my brain studying for exam..assignments helping me a lot to get great grades...but, exam too bad to mention it here...
4. Law is not that difficult if u know the nature of learning it..i just realized about it when i took elective course on International Islamic law during my 2nd year..and I got A for the paper..u just need a little push to really understand all the terms and topics

wish u all the best...insyaAllah u can do it.

saraH²amizah said...

kadang kita terlupa.fitrah hidup kita, memang sentiasa hidup dalam peperiksaan. tak periksa sekarang, kat kubur nanti kena periksa, kat mahsyar pun nanti kena periksa.so, be prepared!

ukur kira said...

Amin..bertenang la..

In tansurullaha yansurkum.

Insya Allah all the best.Ana nk tukr kos jugak.nk amik Psychology.hehe

Amin Misran said...

To k.Tiqa...
Jazakillah...Maybe ALLAH will grant my dream by me changing my course...

Law actually is not that hard, but becoz i'm not used to it yet. Before this arabic was my medium...

To sarah...
Thanks again, the test man give is nothing compared to what ALLAH will give....
We are given time to prepare for exams by man, but are we prepared for ALLAH's exam when we do not know when is it?

To nabil...
The ayah "In tansurullaha yansurkum" has its prerequisites.

I believe your kidding to me for changing your program when your already in your third year? and changing to psychology?

I would say that your a psychopath then..haha..

Pertapa Katak said...

" I was half dead answering but the result was all the same "


Bro, kite ni ade mmg serupa la.....

Jawab exam mcm nk mati......

Tp jawapan dpt 2,3,4.5 markah je.....

Arghhhh, TENSEN !!!!!

* ko mmg sesuai la masuk BEN.....
karya yg cukup kreatif ~~~~

Amin Misran said...

Farhan-sama a.k.a Jiraiya-sama....

Moga ALLAH rahmati...

Muke aku Muke BEN ka?


Perindu_Ilahi said...

"Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi pula kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu, Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui."

- Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 216-

so that,mybe you don't like the exam but that's good for you.. =)

~wish you luck in your life~

Humayra' said...

life is a test.
one should always realize that.
well, at least each semester we'll be reminded once, at the very least.
(Not that i enjoy it)

but put ur full trust in Allah, and He'll guide u thru, insyaAllah.. kalau orang Palestin boleh blaja smpai pHD, knape kita tak boleh? rite?

may Allah assist us in all that we do.

btw.. focus nak exam tu.. make study ur top priority for now.

May Allah bless

Trini said...

wow! a poem! i love poetry! and this one rhymes so beautifully! do compose more when you have plenty of time to kill.

gd luck for finals OK

Amin Misran said...

tp Perindu_Ilahi...Jazakallah for the verse...Kind of a motivation to me..

To Humayra...akak, I know my priority is my finals but cant help to do other things..hehe

to trini: my poem is nothing compared to yours...senior...

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