Tuesday, March 2, 2010


TIME is not a rhyme
by: ~dae_meen~
What do we say everyday?
That makes us all far away,
standing all alone and parting ways.
We claim that we do not have time,
we kept on saying that from time to time,
making it hear like a rhyme.
We say that we are too busy,
too busy and even no time other than study,
as if we are getting ready.
We complain that “Do not bother me!”
“I am a busy man as you can see!”
  “Who are you to come to me?”
But what have we done actually?
Please answer me sincerely!
Wasting time or have we used it effectively?!
When you say that time is too rigid,
sounds to me that it is stupid,
as stupid as CUPID,
declaring love to man more than ALLAH like it is so significant.
Why do you say that you do not have time?
When I say all the time is mine?!
MANAGE YOUR TIME and stop your whine.
Stop claiming that same old claim,
if you do that you will sound lame,
like people searching for fame.
What do they get?
Is it all that they affirm to get?
They get nothing but only regret.
Nothing in time will ever be repeated,
GOING BACK AGAINST TIME is definitely an impossible method,
so that is why we have to CAPTURE the moment.
Hear carefully this rhyme,
remember this until the end of time,


Atiqah said...

i like it

Amin Misran said...


Kak tiqah..I was thinking of changing my course from LAW to Bachelor of English..

What do you think?

[['izzat ibrahim]] said...

sometimes times lik rhyme..

I like this post !

Amin Misran said...

To Izzat, time does rhyme, but not in the same way...

Everyday is a new day...

Atiqah said...

changing course?
u know what..i was thinking the same thing when i was in my first year..i thought i should pursue in law unfortunately was offered to study literature in English..
after few weeks, i found a new life in this course...i found new passion and interest..and i should say i never regret for choosing to stay in this course..i have so much fun time and explore so many things that i could never see it in law..seriously..i gained a lot about humanities, world views and etc

if u wanna ask my opinion, i would give the best approach which is..istikharah..
in terms of the course, English is the best place for u..especially literature in English..u will explore new different world in this course..but i'm not sure how Literature in English in UIA is conducted..
if in the end, u have made up ur mind..i will give my best support to u..welcome to the English world brother..

Amin Misran said...

I'll do istikharah insyallah...

still in dilema...

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