Friday, February 26, 2010



When you are HUMILIATED, remember the Prophet (Peace be upon him) in TA'IF.

When you are STARVING, remember the Prophet (Peace be upon him) tying two stones to his stomach in the battle of KHANDAQ.

When becoming ANGRY and SAD, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) control of anger and sadness on the martyrdom of his beloved Uncle HAMZAH.

When losing a TOOTH, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) tooth in the battle of UHUD.

When BLEEDING from any part of the body, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) body covered in blood stoned by the people of TA'IF.

When feeling LONELY, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him)
seclusion in Mount HIRA.

When feeling TIRED in salaat, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) bruised feet in TAHAJJUD.

When being PRICKLED with thorns, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) pain from ABU LAHAB'S wife.

When being TROUBLED by neighbors, remember the old woman who would throw rubbish on the Prophet (Peace be upon him).

When LOSING a child, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) sons, ABDUL QOSIM, ABDULLAH and IBRAHIM,

When BEGINNING a long journey, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) long journey to MADINAH in Hijrah.

When going AGAINST a Sunnah, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) love towards his ummah in his last words “Ummati, Ummati, Ummati.”

When experiencing POVERTY, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) days of poverty.

When LOSING a family member, remember the Death of Prophet's (Peace be upon him) beloved first wife, Khadijah and Uncle, Abu Muthalib.

When becoming an ORPHAN, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) tough life as an orphan.

When LOVING an orphan, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) love for ZAID IBN HARITHA.

When FEARING an enemy, remember the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) saying to Abu Bakr during HIJRAH.

Whatever SITUATIONS you may find yourself in, REMEMBER your ROLE MODEL, the best of creation: Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) THE CHOSEN ONE.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


            “I’m Lovin it!!” Says Mc Donald. For years I’ve been dreaming of feeling the flavor of Mc Donald’s Prosperity Burger. All my friends have tasted it and also are still enjoying it but me; I seem to have no chance and strength to make a step into Mc Donald. My friends say that even one bite of Prosperity Burger can make you flying and you’re going to be addicted for more. But I kept on saying “NO!!” to Mc Donald even if that fast-food restaurant is a stones throw from IIUM.
            The reason why I am so not into Mc D is because of two issues. The first is because of Boycott reasons. The second is not because boycott reasons. The first issue is that Mc Donald has been listed as one of the donating companies to Israel. Every penny causes the life of one Muslim; one penny spent on Mc Donald means one Muslim life gone. For that reason it is HARAM for us to consume Mc Donald. But other Muslim jurist has the view that boycotting is not HARAM but MUBAH (harus). Although the view is not that clear and I do not have the answer; I just come at the conclusion that it is better for me not to consume, that’s all.
             The second issue is that even if Mc Donald is not boycotted I will not consume it. Why? To me consuming something that is not enjoined(Wajib) in ISLAM or not even recommended (sunnah) so why bother? Using considerate amount of money is not enjoined for your own purpose in not in ISLAM!!! In other words, spending RM10 for only a burger is a waste man!!! I could use RM10 for a day’s meal!!! It is just wasting money.
            Each time we want to consume something not what we need, ask yourself; DO WE BOTHER TO CARE about our Muslim brothers and sisters out there?
            Last night I attended a talk by Bro Norazman about the hardships faced by Muslims in GAZA. Masyallah, I felt like crying, but for some reasons, my tears were not flowing. The Muslims in GAZA are like prisoners in their own home!!! It is like someone who came to your house and took hold of your house; the only place that they gave who to stay is the TOILET. Is that FAIR? All the people are saying justice here and there, but to they WALK THEIR TALK?
            The uniqueness of the Muslims in GAZA is that about 70% of them are unemployed. They do not have a job. This is because there is nothing left to be employed!!! Almost everything is gone. In GAZA, all the basic needs such as raw materials for cooking and cement for building are not present there. This is because Israel has cut all these basic needs from entering GAZA. CRUEL isn’t it? Although they do not have any job, amazingly there are no BEGGARS in GAZA!!! Even if you give money to small children on the streets of GAZA, they will not accept it. This is because “The hand that gives is better than the hand that receives.” Giving is better than receiving as what Victor Hugo said “As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.” This is why we have to be like them and in the same time help them.
            DO WE BOTHER TO CARE? This is a question for us to ponder. We certainly cannot go to GAZA and help. But we can help by two D’s; DUA and DONATE. Please implement the two D’s in our life.
            May ALLAH help us in SEEKING THE LIGHT….

Tuesday, February 23, 2010



WHY DO WE FALL, sir?” Alfred Pennyworth asked to little Bruce Wayne. The little boy just cried frightened of bats in the cave he fell. Alfred just smiled to the son of once a very influential man in Gotham city. WE FALL SO THAT WE MIGHT LEARN TO PICK OURSELVES UP” Alfred said to him. This little boy, Bruce Wayne who was terrified by bats later became a hero; he became one with his ultimate fear, and he became BATMAN.

Many people watch movie for the sake of watching it, for the sake of ‘it is damn thrilling!!’ I have a complete different view on movies. To me movies should be treated as an inspiration to us. Seek well in everything.

So why do we fall when we have tried so hard no to? We fall or in other words break down or feel spiritually weak because we are human; as a proverbs says ‘To err is human.’ Everyone has experienced this stage and many people are still in this stage. Due to the incompleteness of human, we are prone to feeling weak as what the English proverbs says ‘prone to injury.

The issue that I want to pin point here is HOW CAN WE BE ALIVE AGAIN? Talking about weakness makes us weaker by the minute. I always answer that question with another question, WHY DID WE NOT CHOSE TO BE STRONG? Yeah, why do we always think of being weak when being strong is what we want? MAZA who was once my sensei always said “Find 100 reasons to be strong and find 100 reasons not to be weak.” This feeling is just roaming in your thoughts only; it actually does not happen in reality. ‘The power is within you.’

When you feel weak, remember Henry Ford's words "Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently." When you fail, start again with a new will.

I’d like to share a quotation by Mus’ab bin Umair when his mother asked him to return to the religion of darkness. Mus’ab bin Umair said “Mother, if you have 100 lives, and your lives are taken one by one, I will never leave this DEEN.” Masyallah. He never chose to fall but to live life to the fullest.

Last words from me, do not try to fall again once you have stand firm, Tim Duncan's chant, "Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best."

May ALLAH give strength in our road to seek for HIS LIGHT….

By: ~dae_meen~

Monday, February 22, 2010


When love comes out of the blue…
It always seems to be true...
But when you need that love to come through...

It will abandon you…
That Love will blind you...
No one can find you…

You’ll be ignored by friends...
And break what were to be long lasting mends...
Maybe until your life ends!!!
That love will always hurt...
When it throws you in the dirt…

It was never the TRUE LOVE to begin with…
It was just a mere myth…
Acting like a special gift…

But when TRUE LOVE is there...
It feels like a sunny day...
It will save your day...

Many people look everywhere...
and never notice THE ONE is there….
All you have to do is be aware!!!

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