Wednesday, April 28, 2010


HiMEGA’ 10
HiMEGA is the abbreviation of Hijrah Menara Gading, a program organized by HALUANsiswa solely for high school graduates before they enter higher institutions. HiMEGA will be organized every year around February to April. This year 2010, upon the post-HiMEGA’10, HiMEGA has reached its 10’s anniversary; this means that it has been constructed for a decade now- a period of ten years!!! This years HiMEGA has recorded the most number of participants compared to the previous years. More than 170 students took part. During my time (HiMEGA’ 07), the number of participants was only around 100 participants.
HiMEGA’ 10 was held at Za’ba College, UKM, Bangi from 23 to 26 April 2010 (4 days). The first day was exclusively for the committee members and starting from the second day, HiMEGA’10 officially starts.
The question now that has been playing in my mind is that “HOW WAS THE HiMEGA?” Many people asked me this question. I would answer back to them “HiMEGA? A FAILURE TO REMEMBER…” For those who went to this program, are you on the same boat as me saying that HiMEGA is a FAILURE?
If I say that this HiMEGA’10 is a FAILURE, then everyone that participated in this program are losers. All the committee members including me, all the participants and all the individuals who are present in this program are all SCUMS.
When I say HiMEGA is a FAILURE, this means that all the hard work, all the stress and all the strive we put on to make sure the smoothness of this program are USELESS. In my case, I only slept for about 8 hours in four days, which is also FUTILE.
Pak ARBI once said to me “Every program must have 3M, the program must be MESMERIZING, when the program is mesmerizing then the program will be MEMORABLE and when the program is memorable, it must be MOTIVATING.” You tell me whether HiMEGA is MESMERIZING, MEMORABLE and MOTIVATING!!!
Well actually to be honest, I am very impressed to all the committee members in all their hard work. I do not want to go on to each and every secretary. I would give to this HiMEGA an A -. I have nothing to say about the weakness of each secretary because everyone has given their ample performance along our four days together.
But the question is why HiMEGA’ 10 is a FAILURE TO REMEMBER…? The failure of something is not determined by its OUTSIDE, but it is determined by our INSIDE. The outside of HiMEGA or should I say HiMEGA as a whole is more than good, but if during the four days of hard work we put something besides ALLAH in front, then HiMEGA is a total FAILURE. I am afraid that my intention in constructing this program is other than ALLAH. That is why I say that HiMEGA is a FAILURE to REMEMBER…
Remember this hadith on the authority of Omar bin Al-Khattab, who said: I heard the messenger of Allah salla Allah u alihi wa sallam say :"Actions are but by intention and every man shall have but that which he intended. Thus he whose migration was for Allah and His messenger, his migration was for Allah and His messenger, and he whose migration was to achieve some worldly benefit or to take some woman in marriage, his migration was for that for which he migrated." related by Bukhari and Muslim.
Put ALLAH in every intentions you make, ask yourself “All my intentions alright, am I doing it for ALLAH or not?” If your not doing it for ALLAH than, you will get nothing.
If you want to enter JANNAH, than do everything for ALLAH.

p/s: Sorry if this post is not so well written, I wrote it in a hurry.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

HiMEGA' 2010

HALUANSISWA presents to you:


1.      23 April 2010: Final Touch untuk fasi dan urusetia HiMEGA’ 2010
Tempat: Kolej Za’ba UKM Bangi.

2.      24-26 April 2010: HiMEGA (Kehadiran peserta-peserta HiMEGA)
Tempat: Kolej Za’ba UKM Bangi.

The Objective HiMEGA (Hijrah Menara Gading):      

1.      To share and strengthen the bond between HALUANSISWA, veteran HALUAN and HiMEGA participants in:  
          i. ibrah and experience and sharing by the veterans.
          ii. emphasizing on precise orientation of Da'wah in IPT.

2.     To give an ample view to participants on the challenging life as a University Student and how to cope with it.

3.     To boost up participants soft skill in handling life challenge.

4.     To expose and share educational modules such as academic management, vision and dream in life and holistic success.

1.      Menegarkan jaringan hati dan berkongsi pengalaman antara HALUANSISWA, veteran HALUAN dan peserta HiMEGA menerusi;
          i. perkongsian pengalaman dan ibrah oleh veteran.
          ii. penekanan orientasi Dakwah yang tepat terutamanya di IPT.

2.      Untuk memberi gambaran lengkap mengenai cabaran hidup sebagai seorang pelajar universiti dan bagaimana mengatasinya.
3.      Untuk meningkatkan soft skill para peserta dalam mengendalikan cabaran hidup.
4.     Untuk mendedahkan dan berkongsi dengan peserta beberapa modul cabaran akademik seperti modul pengurusan pembelajaran, tujuan dan impian dalam hidup, dan kecemerlangan holistic.

All SPM’09 students are qualified to join HiMEGA.
Semua bekas pelajar SPM’09 dialu-alukan untuk menyertai HiMEGA.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


By: ~dae_meen~
I’m sick, deadly sick,
why am I sick?
Because I’m surrounded with people who stink.
Do they stench like a skunk?
No. Worse than that,
they are merely a pile of junk.
Why do I detest people around me?
Because their words make me unhappy,
sad, and in the same time angry.
I hate the words they speak,
actions they make,
all about them are totally fake!!
They like to say “Time is life” continuously,
sweet to hear as if their taking their words seriously,
but in their actions say “Time is a lie” intentionally.
As a result “Time is life” I hate to hear,
to those who say this don’t come near,
or I’m gonna smack you right in the ear.
What is wrong with this quotation?
I know that Imam HAB said this citation,
so why do I hate so much without any hesitation?
Because the people who say this are LIARS,
LIARS who act as if they are pious,
but they are imposters who work righteous.
Imam HAB is not a LIAR to begin with,
he is a great man and not living in a myth,
not like other people who misused time as a gift.
Do not mess with time,
when you say something, do it in time,
make yourself rhyme with the rhythm of time.
Make sure that your not a liar,
if you are, ALLAH will make you suffer,
and grievously HIS punishment is bitter.

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