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They need us or we need them?

“I need you…”
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“Free free Palestine! Free free Palestine” shouts Lowkey, a British rapper in his rap song titled 

“Long lives Palestine”. Lowkey is one of my favorite rappers and “Long live Palestine” is one of the best rap songs I’ve ever heard.

“Long live Gaza” came out from my mouth followed the rap beat.

As I sunk deeply in the song, suddenly my shoulder was touched by some soft hands. I turned right, I saw the mouth of Siddiqi saying something but I couldn’t hear. I took off the earphone that was tucked tight in my ears.

“What are you listening?” He asked.

“Long live Palestine” I answered.

“Lowkey?” He said while his left eyebrows were raised.

“Yeah, you hear rap as well?” I asked surprised.

“Yup, but I’m not fanatic. Muslim rap, don’t get me wrong. I listen to their songs because of their lyrics not because their beat. Their lyrics usually are beautiful. You know what is RAP? ” He said while making a left turn.

“Rap is rap, rapping. Yeah!” I said while acting like a rapper on stage.

“No. RAP is Rhythm and Poetry. That is why the lyrics are touching. The Muslim rappers, the non-muslim rappers I don’t know. Don’t ask me” He smiled.

“Oh it’s ok. Let’s change topics shall we? I have a question regarding the issue on Palestine. I’ve been thinking on it lately. People are so determined in sending aids to Palestine. They spend like thousands only on Palestine. They even put their lives on the lines only to free Palestine. I really don’t understand these people – “ Siddiqi cut me in “And the question is?”

“Ah the question, almost forgot. The question is, we’ve tried so hard all this time to help them, do Palestinians really need us?”

“They don’t need us or we need them. We need them.” He answered.

“We need them? What do you mean?”

“We literally need them…”


“You guys are always talking on Palestine, what about us Indians? I do not agree with the Palestine issue! We are suffering too!” A guy from India said to me.

I was silent for a moment. What he said is true, our brothers and sisters in India are suffering too. But how can I answer the issue he raised then?

“Brother… Let us calm down shall we. We may not be brothers by blood, but we are brothers by faith right?” I tried to carve a smile. His tight face loosens up a little bit, signs of ease are shown. The Musolla of Mahallah As-Siddiq became the proof of our “discussion” tonight.

“Yes. You are right, Allah has asked us to help every Muslims in need right?” I went slowly.

“But can I say one thing. It is not that we ignore other Muslims, but by the time being, we Malaysians are only fit to help the Palestinians now. I admit that we still don’t have the energy and money to help others. Insha Allah in the future we will help India.” Still maintaining my voice pitch.

“The Palestinians do not need us, but we need the Palestine. Freeing Al-Quds is our priority now.  Remember the khutbah last week by Dr. Belghit Muhammad? He said, ‘I may am an Algerian and Palestine is not my land of blood. But Palestine is my land of faith, Al-Quds is my first Qiblah. Al-Quds is ours and ours alone’ “ I was half shouting.

“But….” – he wanted to object but I cut in first “Please let me finish my words.”

“If Dr. Belghit Muhammad says that; then I will say ‘I may be a Malaysian and Palestine is not my land of birth. By nationality, I do not have the right to claim Palestine my land, but in the name faith and humanity, I hereby claim Palestine my land and I will free my land!’” I was shouting, I just ignored all the people in the Musolla.

“The prophet has said:

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Do not set out on a journey except for three Mosques i.e. Al-Masjid-AI-Haram, the Mosque of Allah’s Apostle , and the Mosque of Al-Aqsa, (Mosque of Jerusalem).”[1]

What will we tell our young ones when they ask us, which one is Mosque of Al-Aqsa? But all we can see is that Mosque of Al-Aqsa is fulfilled with non-muslims?”

“Mosque of Aqsa is the proof of our faith. If it is free then our faith is strong, but if it remains under the possession of Israel, then that means our faith is weak. We are weak. The Muslim Ummah is weak. You want that to happen, brother?” I went on; leaving him speechless.

“Sorry if I sound I bit racist, you question the efforts of my race just now right? I want to clarify. That is why we Malaysians are dying to help Palestine. We also want others to understand why we are doing this ‘job’ and participate with us. I know, not all people can go there to Palestine but we have to do what we can to help. The prophet once said:

Maymunah bint Sa’d relates that she asked the prophet, “O prophet! Inform to us about Bayt al-Maqdis (Jerusalem)“. He said, “Visit it for prayer.” She further asked, “If one of us cannot visit it, what should we do?” He said, “If you cannot go there for prayer then send some oil to be used in its lamps; whosoever gives oil for it lamps, it will be as if he has prayed in it.”[2]

“You should understand brother. Not only Indians are suffering, even Malaysians are suffering here and there. But if you say that I am racist, then you are wrong. That is all I want to say” My speech has ended.

“Thank you brother. Thank you for enlightening me. I was just ignorant about the Palestine issue but now, I’ve learnt knew things tonight. This is also my issue.” That brother said to me with utmost sincerity.

We hugged. Yeah, I love it when after a two people argues, it will end peacefully. No hard feelings. No offence.

“I love you brother. We are brothers of the land of Palestine… We need Palestine as a ticket to enter Jannah!” I said to him.


“Masha allah, thank you for telling me the story of you and the Indian guy. When did it happen?” I asked.

“Oh, last year. After isya’ prayer. I was talking about Palestine with another Malay guy then he just barged in.” He told me.
“Thank you akhi Sidiq. Thank you for making me realize. Before this I was also just ignorant. Even on rap songs, I hear rap because the beat is good.” I said to Akhi Siddiqi.

“Who said we could rest? We will never rest until the holy land is freed.” Akhi Siddiqi added.

“Whatever religion we are in, whatever our skin color is, make sure that we do what we can to help. The least that we can do is donating our money. Let us fill up that donation box with our money.” He said while handing over a donation box cylinder in shape to me.

I was a bit reluctant at first, and then he said with a smile “The money in our pockets is not ours, but the money we donate is ours”. Well I was moved alright.

Took out RM10 note and put it in the box.

“Every cent counts, May the blessings of Allah be upon you bro.”

If we do not help then we are in the state loss! PALESTINE DOESN’T NEED US, WE NEED PALESTINE! Palestine will always prevail without our help!

[1] Bukhari :: Book 2 :: Volume 21 :: Hadith 281
[2] Imam Ahmad, Ibn Majah, Sunan Abu Dawud, and al-Tabarani

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A moment for me to ponder… A moment for you to remember…

"From me to you"
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Just finished the program of 
International Islamic University Malaysia,
KAED Main Auditorium,
22 - 24 April 2011.

A poem dedicated for you guys,
I give you;
"A moment for me to ponder… A moment for you to remember…"

 Dear my lil bro’s and sis’s of HiMEGA 2011,

It is a pleasure for us to have you guys as our guests of honor.
You guys are a special gift for us, very very special indeed.
It has been a long time since… I have been waiting; we have been waiting will all our heart…
But now the time is with us. Three days of togetherness is our start…
From this day onwards, we will be one till we are apart…
This is it the moment for us to care… This is the moment for us to share…
This is the moment for us to hug and kiss… This is the moment for us to love and exchange gifts…

Dear my lil bro’s and sis’s of HiMEGA 2011,

Bringing Islam back to this world is our vision…
so being an ‘Alim Mujahid is our mission…
Let us stand strong shall we?
Who says the dump cannot see?  
Who claims the deaf cannot hear? 

Let us stand up! Stand strong! And stand tall!
Let us stand even though standing is hard…

There is not a moment to lose…
Victory is what we must choose…
We are the cure of our sick ones…
We are the strength of our weak ones…

Dear my lil bro’s and sis’s of HiMEGA 2011,

You know, if I am given the chance to freeze time,
I want that moment to be our special moment together…
A moment for me to ponder… A moment for you to remember…

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Click to enlarge (Copy la kalau nak ^_^)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


“I am not free”
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English Coloumn of Langit Ilahi 
Date: 22/4/2011
By: Ameen Misran

There is an International Seminar on Peace and Humanitarian Aid for Gaza,
Tomorrow (23/4/2011) at Conference Room, Cultural and Activity Center (CAC), IIUM,
From 8.30 am to 5.00 pm,
A program organized by Haluan Palestine, Yayasan Belia Malaysia (YBM) and Journalism Club IIUM.
I’ll be the MC for this one day program. Huh.
Need to charge up my spirit of Bring that Peace, Break the Siege!
So this is from me!



“Tit tit… Tit tit” The ring tone on Amir’s HTC HD Mini sounded. He unlocked the screen.

Bro! Tonight is the night man! Your team and my team are up. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Come let’s hang out and see who will win. Like old times man! You and I…

Abdul Qawy

Amir leaned back on the seat of his 12 year old Kancil Produa after reading the message.
Do I have to go? I really love soccer. I love to watch my favorite players in action. I love Real 


I already have a family not like the old times. I have my priorities.


They are my childhood friends. I usually hang out with them.

Arghh! I do not know what to say!

“Tit tit… Tit tit” another message came into my inbox.

Still waiting for your reply man. Restoran Saffiyah, Taman Universiti. In one hour. Make up your mind and reply bro.

Abdul Qawy

What do I have to reply?


OUT OF EAGERNESS, a little child came running down the stairs rushing towards his father “Papa, what does FIFA stand for?” asked that child wanting an immediate answer from his father.

Amir who was watching the live match between Germany vs. England on Astro ESPN was bothered by the trivial question from his second born. He did not want any uproar, not when England is in action! So he just ignored his son as if he never heard a thing and placed his eyes on the plasma flat screen TV.

“Dad, are you there?” asked Amar while massaging his father’s back. Amir shakes his body as a silent sign of “do not disturb me, I’m busy”, but what more can Amir expect from his 8 year old son to understand body language? So Amar goes off from massaging to tickling his father right in the armpit.

“Ok ok, all right already, I lose, you win, what was your question again?” Amir admits defeat. He slowed down the screaming volume coming from the TV; the house living room seemed quite after that.

“What does FIFA stand for?” Amar repeated his question.

“FIFA is the abbreviation for The Fédération Internationale de Football Association in French or in English the International Federation of Football Association, happy now?” said Amir while increasing again the TV volume. It was 2:0 now, Germany 2, England 0. “England, do something quick!” Cried Amir wanting his favorite team shine!

“Dad?! Are you ok?”  Amar was puzzled after seeing his father screaming ‘Go England Go’ and gripping tight his fist while punching the air.

At the 37’ minute of the game, Steven Gerrard gave a cross; the ball flew right into where Mathew Upson wants it. But before Mathew could do anything, the Plasma flat screen TV blacked out. Nothing was there, no Stadium, no field, no ball and no goal.

What happened? There’s no black out, the lights were still on. Everything was quite. “Where is the remote?”His inner voice screamed out of anger! Amir was still focusing on the black screen then suddenly what appeared in front of him was his son’s face, not what he hoped for.

“Dad, I called you like ten times already but you didn’t hear me out” Amar said while holding 
the black remote controller in his hands.

“Why you little…” Amir’s face was red all over; his rage grew intense by the moment, any minute now he can burst out. But after seeing his son’s cute little face, the face full of inquiry. He calmed down. Took a deep breath and said “What is it this time?”

“Dad, mama said that FIFA stands for FIGHT ISRAEL FREE AQSA, F=Fight, I=Israel, F=Free and A=Aqsa. Isn’t it right papa?” Amar told his father while spelling with his fingers.

“Papa…papa…daddy…are you there?” now Amar is puzzled for the second time after seeing his father stiff like a rock.

Amir sank in his own thoughts. The voice of his son faded away slowly. FIGHT ISRAEL FREE AQSA?! Free AQSA?!

He then flashed back on how his enthusiasm to help our brothers and sisters in GAZA, he drove his family from Johor to Melawati Stadium Shah Alam just to join a concert, not any ordinary concert but the Palestine Mass Gathering, Concert Life Line 4 GAZA on 13 Mei 2010, about a month and a half ago. He donated about RM1 thousand to the LL4G project.

On 31 May 2010, during the raid of Israeli Commandos on Mavi Marmara, he was one of the busiest persons writing articles and forwarding text messages condemning the brutal act of Israel towards this humanitarian aid.

On 4th June 2010, he pleaded a day off from his employer for the sake of taking part in the demonstration in front of the US Embassy.

But starting on 11 June 2010, the drive of “Let Us free Aqsa” and “Let Us Unite for Palestine” gradually diminished from him. What happened on June 11th 2010? This is the day where the title “The most prestige’s sport” came into action. It was the starting of the World Cup 2010 South Africa.


Freeing Al-Aqsa was my dream! Breaking the siege on Gaza was my mission! But what I have done?

How can I say that I am aware about Palestine when I have my time with the fake meaning of FIFA. How come?

How come I say I love my brothers and sisters in Palestine when I have feeling enjoinment and tranquility while my brothers and sisters strife’s to live?

I am busy with all the bills I have to pay, but they, they are busy whether or not they can survive another day?

What brotherhood am I portraying? Ukhuwah Islamiyah? NO. I am a disgrace to the Muslims.

How can I claim that Al-Aqsa is Muslims and Muslims alone but in the same time I feel enjoyment in the ‘fun’ created by the enemies of Islam?

What am I? Am I really a Muslim? Or a Muslim only by name?

If I am a Muslim, why do I remember the names of football players more than the name of Muslim scholars?

If I am a Muslim, why can I spend countless hours in front of the television watching a soccer match, but when it comes to Qiamullail, even two rakaah is hard for me!

Why is this happening to me? Why can’t I see clearly?

The black box in front of me is a ‘stupid box’ once said by Syed Qutb, but I watch that stupid box all day. I am also stupid then.

“Astaghfirullah… Astaghfirullah…”

I’m crying now. I always fulfill my life with sins, always transgressing bounds with defiant grins.

“Astaghfirullah… Astaghfirullah…”

“Amar… Come here” Amir called for his son.

Amir hugged his son. Tight. He looked at his son. “I love you son” tiny droplets of tears 
came running through his cheeks.

“Thanks for making me realize.” He added.

Amar was a bit confused of what was going on. A minute there his father was full of energy, but after the Plasma TV is off, now he is crying. He doesn’t get it.

“Son, from this day onwards, I will become a new person!”

“I will never let Shaytan control me. I will never let other ideologies take over me.”

“I will uphold FIGHT ISRAEL, FREE AQSA!”

“This is my promise. You are my witness my son.”


Sorry bro. I have no time to waste time even a special match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. FIGHT ISRAEL, FREE AQSA. That is part of their plan to make us Muslims forget our vision and mission. Sorry, can’t join ya


Yes. I have made a promise to my son not to let Shaytan take control over me in all causes!
This is the proof trustworthiness! I keep my word!

And I hope you will not follow my bad side. Just follow my good side.


I beg you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration

"What's on your mind? Success?"
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Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration

By: Ameen Misran

“The secrets of success are Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration” says my mother to me. I felt a little bit awkward because in the middle of nothing, she voiced out this phrase. “Strange”, but I’m not going to express my feelings because something else might happen if I do so. I might break her heart.  

My mother seemed very determined and serious when she conveyed her message just, her face and hand gesture are like she is giving a talk to a mass of people. Wow!

But because of my blurriness and my facial expression changed from feeling “strange” to “confusion”; her face also changed.

“Do you understand what I said just now?” she asked seeing me in the state of confusion.

“Hmm… I didn’t really get it mama” I said while scratching my head and carving a smile.

“What comes to your mind when I say Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration” she asked me again, determined to make me understand. She is my mother alright. She will do what it takes to enlighten me with new knowledge. That’s what mothers do right?

“Hehe… You know, all of a sudden, images of my Phonetics classes flashes to my mind” I explained, half laughing.

“Ei? What do you mean?” Now my mother is confused. LOL.

“Yeah… Inspiration I definitely know. But for aspiration, according to Phonetics, the meaning of aspiration, that is a scientific term, the release of a strong burst of air after some obstruent’s making it the process of speech production. And perspiration is kinda like sweating. So how come it is related to success?” I argued in brief. I know my mother understands what I said because she is also an English major like I am. She even has a PHD in English. If a non-English major hears this, one will definitely feel like “Huh! What is this?”. My mother only smiled seeing her son in the state of confusion.

“Not that one my son!” She said while placing her hand on both of my shoulders. WOW! My mother really loves me! Her eyes are burning with determination.

“So please enlighten me mama!” Now I feel motivated and moved to understand what she is trying to tell me. Now it was my turn to place my hands on both of mama’s shoulder. I am way higher than my mother, so I have to bend a little bit down. This scene is like two people in love holding shoulders and full of love in eye to eye contact. Beautiful. Don’t get it wrong, my mother and me are in love! A love from a mother to her son and vice versa!

“Ok lemme get this straight,” my mother started lecturing; my eyes are focusing on her mouth now.
“I will give the explanation of Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration one by one respectively and you will understand how it is related to success. Here I go” she has finished her introduction. My mother asked me to sit down on the chair while she explains like a true professional.

“What is inspiration?” She attracts my attention with a question. “Inspiration is a motivating and mesmerizing influence. A feeling that makes you moved. You are going to be inspired by looking at people around you. You will be jealous at the same time motivated by reading on the most successful people’s achievement. You will feel like mapping their achievement into yours. You will see that these people can do the impossible and can change all the so called ‘Impossible’ things to become things as easy as ABC.” A long detailed info is explained.

“Wow” I said.

“You’re amazed already? We haven’t come to the climax yet. This means that you are already inspired by me. Hehe” my mother said. She is a true motivator. I am moved.

“Ok. Aspiration. We are not talking on either ASPIRE by Acer or aspiration like you said earlier. But what we understand here is that aspiration is a strong desire, aim and longing. Aspiration is an extension of inspiration. When you are inspired, you will be aspired, meaning that a strong drive will exist in your soul. You will set a goal in your life. Let’s say, one day you wanna be the best singer or poet in the world, even beating Maher Zain! That is aspiration.” Another thorough explanation from my mother. She even mentioned Maher Zain; my favorite singer of all times! Maybe because she always sees me singing Maher Zain’s songs; that’s why she took it as an example.

“And the last showdown my son! Perspiration. Perspiration literally means sweating, you were right but you are lack of something. What is it?” My mother asked.

“Dunno, you tell me love” I said.

“You are lack of analogy. You are always too scientific. Loosen up a little bit! Explore the world of literature through the world of analogy! The analogy of perspiration or in others words, sweating is effort. Let’s say you wanna be the number one runner in a cross-country. The distance is 5KM, what will you have to do to make sure you are fit? What will you have to do to make sure you maintain and improve your stamina? You need to run. You need a hell lot of training. And through the process of training, you will sweat profusely. This is the same in studying or achieving something. If you do not ‘sweat’, then you will not succeed.” Detail, detail indeed.

“Does that mean I have to sweat and bring extra clothes everywhere I go?” I asked, I actually already understand my mother’s explanation, but just to see how she reacts.

  “No! You don’t need to literally sweat, but you need to be wholeheartedly in doing your job. You mustn’t take everything for granted.” Love my mother’s determination, full of gestures and the voice intonation is smooth. I smiled looking at my mother’s reaction. Heee….

“Why are you smiling? Something wrong?”

“No, no, not at all mother”

            “What I’ve explained before you are not just merely words, but it is a concept you must apply in your daily lives. I’ll give you an example. If you wanna be a great person in both academic and Deen, you need to become an ‘Alim Mujahid. Ever heard the word ‘Alim Mujahid before?

                “Alim is knowledgeable… Mujahid is…erm… Terrorist?” I said.  

                “Hah! No, No. You got it all wrong.”

                “A Mujahid is not a terrorist. Do not follow the conventional definition you hear on the news. Ok. ‘Alim’ means Knowledgeable. ‘Mujahid’ means someone who is active and fights for Islam. Fight here does not limit it to wars, but it gives the connotation of doing the best as you are fighting for something. So ‘Alim Mujahid means a knowledgeable person who fights for Islam. In some other terms, you can use, PRO-TAZ which means Professional Ustaz.”

                “So how can you become an ‘Alim Mujahid, Ameen?” My mother asks me.

                But she answered her question. “You need to find your source of inspiration to make sure your motivation remains ‘strong’. You can contemplate the stories of the great Islamic achievemnents in history and even present. Then you must set your goal, that is your aspiration, what do you have to accomplish in a period of time. And lastly, you need to put your inspiration and aspiration into action. If it is left in your head, then it is just left as a dream, a dream that will not come true.”

                I nodded my head, now I really understand what success is.

                My mother continued “One more thing son-” she stopped half a second, her toned has changed to a little bit slower than before “when people put an effort, what they are dying to wait is to see the results.  This is not what I understand. How the results are gonna be is Allah’s doings. We plan doing something, but Allah’s plan will always prevail. That is why we put an effort on something not for the sake of results, but for the sake of Allah alone. What may be the outcome, good or bad, it is Allah’s doings. Our part, we need to try to cope and adapt what Allah has given us.”

                Masha Allah! I learnt so many things today. “Thanks mom!” I said.

                “Here’s a little souvenir for you, son” she handed over to me a sheet of paper. A clean sheet of paper.

                “What this for?” I asked. I thought that I would receive a payment check or something else more valuable.

                “Get your pen and write I’m gonna say.”

                “Huh…” I sighed.

                “It’s for your own good son”


                “There are five qualities of an ‘Alim Mujahid, there are –“ before my mother could finish, I cut in “Wait! Don’t go too fast.”

                “The first is, an ‘Alim Mujahid has a sound ‘Aqidah (Muslim belief system).” My mother paused for a second or two. I managed to scribble her words slowly.

                “The second is an ‘Alim Mujahid has a clear understanding on Islam.”

                “The third is that an ‘Alim Mujahid must be excellent in their academic performance. DL is a must for you Ameen.” Says my mum.

                “What’s DL?” I asked, never heard of the term.

                “Dean List. DL.”

                “Dean list!? That’s impossible….”

                “Nothing is impossible, Impossible is nothing” My mother said with a smile.

                “The fourth is an ‘Alim Mujahid must be active in spreading Islam. In other words active in Da’wah

                “And the final quality is an ‘Alim Mujahid must use their career as a medium to spread Da’wah. That is all. Don’t write that is all” My mother finished her ‘speech’.

                She added “You still remember the concept of Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration? Apply it in becoming an ‘Alim Mujahid. And it is not necessary to take Deen courses if you wanna be an ‘Alim Mujahid. You can take whatever you want but still you can become an ‘Alim Mujahid.”

                “Huhu… Whatever you may say mom, it is still hard”

                “No pain no gain then. If I can obtain a PHD, why can’t you my son? Right?”


                “But what? You know, who says the deaf cannot hear? Who says the dump cannot see? They can hear, they can see to an extent, way better than us. Who says that there is no life for disabled? Even the maimed can walk and stand up. We have to stand up even when standing is hard.”

                “Hmm.. Ok mum. I’ll try.”

                “Yes, you have to try, and then you’ll learn. Come, go have some rest. It’s already 12 midnight.”

                “Ok mama. Love you.” I blew a midnight kiss to my mother and went to my room.


Climbed the stairs one by one. My room is on the second level of our house.

I went straight to the rest room to ease myself before going to be.

As I entered my room, I’m tired. My room was full of light. I killed off the lights. Only light from the street light coming from my room window is seen. Light was dimmed; I am in a lonely room.  Crawled into my bed. Closed my eyes.

My eyes are closed but my mind is still thinking of Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration and ‘Alim Mujahid. I kept on saying that “I can’t become one, I can’t do it”.

But remembering what my mother said, “We need to stand even when standing is hard”

I made up my mind, I think can do it!

“I’ll become an ‘Alim Mujahid!”  

I will one day!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bring that Peace, Break the siege!

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I don’t feel like writing long posts,
I just wanna chill.

Here’s a poem dedicated to all the Muslims,
enjoy yeah!

“Bring that Peace, Break the siege!”

We have been silent for so long,
we have been quite for all these years.
We are imprisoned in our own home,
we are trapped in our own dome.

Don’t you feel that this is the time to stand up!
Don’t you feel that this is the time to wake up!

They took our land,
they killed our brothers,
they rapped our sisters,
they put bullets in the heads of our young ones.

Yes brothers! Yes sisters!
It is time.
But first we must ask ourselves.

Are we ready to stand up!
Are we ready to fight this systematic genocide!
Let us fight, hand in hand, back to back, against this terrorism,
against these terrorists.

But how can we free the holy land?
Never keep silent before the holy land is freed.

Free Free Palestine, Free Free Palestine
Bring that Peace, Break the Siege!

Palestine, remains in my heart,

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