Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm not in the mood for anything, everything seems not right.... Because of my final examination is around the corner, and i have loads of unfinished assignments to do. But i don't know why I'm so lazy to do all these. This is the result of my blurriness and boredom.
by: ~dae_meen~
Oh no! It’s that time of the year again,
when all the pressure is here in my head,
my stomach’s all wobbly, my eyes are in pain,
I’d rather much stay tuck in bed!!
Flashing back to the past exams and tests,
I nearly failed in all of them!!
Do you think that this is the best?
I was half dead answering but the result was all the same!!!
Before my eyes I see the points I miss,
flying away to unknown spaces.
I was also an inch away from a passionate kiss,
but I blew it, like I did with many other cases.
My brain is not thinking clear,
although my intentions are sincere.
My skills, knowledge and my cool,
went mute like a clueless fool.
My nerves are getting on my nerves,
anxiety is dominating my life,
Sweating profoundly, I'm soaking wet.
My vision fades to black.
Always shaking at the most important test,
at my final exams, my mind was stressed.
My heart storms with great force in my chest.
The terrorist called tension leaves me depressed.
I tried to set my intentions clear,
only for ALLAH my purpose is sincere,
but HIS assessments are very intense,
I do not know whether I can put up a good defense.  
Will it ever cease,
spreading like a disease?
Will I ever be in peace?
Give me an answer, please.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adam Lambert: A GAY in MALAYSIA!!

Is Adam Lambert like this??

I CAN’T BELIEVE that Malaysia accepted a HOMO SEXUAL figure to perform in Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on October 14th. This is pretty much contradicting from what I’ve been taught as a Malaysian Citizen.

            Who is this Artist? It’s the runner-up of the American Idol season 8, Adam Lambert. The Times identified Lambert as the first openly gay mainstream pop artist to launch a career on a major label in the United States.

            Does this mean that GAY is accepted in Malaysia?  Does this mean that we are allowed to ever do any acts relating to HOMO SEX?

            Malaysia is an Islamic country, I as someone who love Malaysia, can’t afford to see my country contaminated with darkness of ignorance. We have many achievements to be proud of; the latest is sending volunteers on board Mavi Marmara and many more. Are we going to ruin our reputation with something that we know will affect our country’s environment?

            The media has spread the news that Adam Lambert will tune down his outrageous act for the sake of performing in Malaysia. But what will happen if this artist known as “a no stranger to controversy” does the same in Malaysia as in other places. Come on, think!?

Either way, the issue is not about him tuning down or not, the real issue is he brings a big image of HOMO SEXUAL here.

Gay, lesbian, and other despicable acts similar to these are actually prohibited in Islam. What is prohibited in Islam is prohibited in Malaysia. This is because our religion of the federation is Islam as stated in the Malaysian Federal Constitution.

Another thing that we have to consider is the alarming rate of social problems amongst teenagers. Majority of our young people cannot be counted as teenagers, but they are delinquents. And Malaysia has spent tremendous amount of money to solve this problem. But I don’t know if a concert of Adam Lambert will solve this problem.

I’m not surprised if many of our youngsters will dress like Adam Lambert, act like Adam Lambert or most terribly, openly gay to public as what Adam Lambert have been doing. This is not impossible to happen because our young people will count Adam Lambert as their role model and you know what is the meaning of role model right?

Speaking of who should be your role model, why not consider other far more better artists in terms of personality such as Maher Zain, Yusof Islam and Samy Yusof as a change. There is a big difference between Maher Zain, Yusof Islam and Samy Yusof with Adam Lambert in terms of personality. Which is better? Ask yourself O Malaysia!!

I see that this Adam Lambert concert as bringing more adverse effects than good. But it is up to you Malaysia, if you think that this is enjoined in Islam, then, go on. What can I do to stop you?
 I’ll finish my words with one quote from Prof Yusof Al-Qhardawi If you want to see the future of a country, look at the young people today.”

May Allah bless us all.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Liars Who Say “Time Is Life”

Liars Who Say “Time Is Life”  by Muhaimin Misran

I’m sick, deadly sick,
why am I sick?
Because I’m surrounded with people who stink.

Do they stench like a skunk?
No. Worse than that,
they are merely a pile of junk.

Why do I detest people around me?
Because their words make me unhappy,
sad, and in the same time angry.

I hate the words they speak,
actions they make,
all about them are totally fake!

They like to say “Time is life” continuously,
sweet to hear as if they are taking their words seriously,
but in their actions say “Time is a lie” intentionally.

As a result “Time is life” I hate to hear,
to those who say this don’t come near,
or I’m gonna smack you right on the ear. 

What is wrong with this quotation?
I know that Imam Hassan Al-Banna said this citation,
so why do I hate so much without any hesitation?

Because the people who say this are LIARS,
LIARS who act as if they are pious,
but they are imposters who work righteous.

Imam HAB is not a liar to begin with,
he is a great man and not living in a myth,
not like other people who misused time as a gift.

Do not mess with time,
when you say something, do it in time,
make yourself rhyme with the rhythm of time.

Make sure that you are not a liar,
if you are, ALLAH will make you suffer,
and grievously HIS punishment is bitter.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Maher Zain or Palestine?

Maher Zain or Palestine?

LAST NIGHT WAS A BLAST!!! More than 3 thousand people flooded the Cultural Activity Centre (CAC) of IIUM Gombak. Outside the doors of CAC, traffic congestion occurred everywhere, the road was so packed with vehicles, security tried to do what they could. As I was doing my duty backstage (in charge of the performing artists) one question came to my mind, why did all these people come here tonight? Did they pay RM20 because to see MAHER ZAIN or to feel the urgency to help PALESTINE? Yeah, what is your answer?
A week before, while I was on duty at our PTWBF booth in front of the female IIUM Mosque, a sister came to our booth and approached me.  

 “Brother, is the ticket still available, a friend of mine said it’s sold out” the sister asked.

“What ticket sis?” I asked her as if I didn’t know.

“The ticket on the Palestine Concert” said her.

“Oho, why didn’t you say the concert that Maher Zain will be performing, it’s the same thing actually” 

“Maher Zain is performing?! I didn’t know about that” said the sister. Suprised.

“You didn’t know? See sis, you’re the first person to ask me, the ticket to Palestine Concert, instead of Maher Zain concert.”

                Out of all the person I met, in Facebook or face to face, they all kept on repeating “Maher Zain’s concert...Maher Zain this...Maher Zain that...Maher Zain’s coming...I love you Maher Zain...bla..bla..bla"  without ever  stating our main focus is Palestine Tomorrow Will Be Free (PTWBF).

                I admit that Maher Zain’s voice is wonderful, his music is entertaining and his song lyrics are mesmerising, I wonder why people are so crazy about him, screaming his name like someone possessed as if he knows you. All of you forget the da’wah that he is trying to convey through his song, through his lyrics. He only wants you to remember Allah, remember what the prophet teaches us. Maher Zain is not the same as other artists like Eminem or Lady Gaga, so don’t treat him as someone similar to them. Maher Zain is still a human being, a muslim who wants the betterment in Islam. 

                But to me the highlight for last night was Shoutul Harakah not Maher Zain. I was the one who fetched them at the airport and the nights with them. I can conclude all the members of Shoutul Harakah as “True popularity is not the popularity which is followed after, but the popularity which follows after.” Shoutul Harakah to me are like my family, they treat me as if I’m they’re little brother. Why did I say this? Because I’ve spent many times together with Shoutul Harakah. Maher Zain? One day Inshallah. 

                Last words from me, Alhamdulillah, total collection of donation for Palestine for 4 days was RM24 thousand*. 

The one needin ur dua’


*Concert Mahabbah GAZA=RM23 Thousand, Palestine Mass Gathering=RM123 Thousand. 

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