Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yo, Facebook Me…

Yo, Facebook Me…
by Muhaimin Misran

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"More than 175 million people use Facebook. If it were a country, 
it would be the sixth most populated country in the world"- Mark Zuckerberg

            The advent of the world’s most popular social network,, from 2004 to 2010, has given a common expression “Facebook me”. It also invented a new English word that is “Facebooking”. Facebook has changed many hearts and also has changed us as Muslim users. As Facebook grows to amuse people to no end, stereotype abounds. Put aside the bad labels and look on the bright side of on what it can really give us.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Untold Birth...

 "Your heart is DARK, you'll strive your life to make it WHITE again"
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The Untold Birth  by Muhaimin Misran

Do you still remember the moment you entered this world?
Do you still remember that it was warm before suddenly turning cold?
Everybody waited for your arrival,
Everybody hoped for your survival.

You lived, you survived,
Your cries had your exhausted mother, revived,
You were tucked tight in a clean white cloth,
No more coldness, only warmth.

Your father whispered something in your ear,
You understood nothing although it was crystal clear,
Beautiful and inspiring words you heard,
Though later on, these words are going to sound absurd.

What have you fulfilled your life with?
What have you coloured your heart with?
Do you think you’re sinless?
Is that why you transgress on purpose?

You filled your life with sins,
You broke the law with defiant grins?
Sure you’re proud of your offence,
But when you’re before Him, can you put up a defense?

Remember back on how you started,
You started with nothing saved a white heart,

“Every child is born upon the natural disposition”,* 
You were as clean as the blue ocean,

Did you know? 
The pain that your mother had to undergo?
Did you have any idea?
The extent of the pain? How severe was Severe?

But your mother didn’t care,
No matter what the pain was, she did bear,
Because nothing was a burden,
When it comes to you, her gift from the Heavens.

So return your position back to the start,
Return to the person who held the white heart.
Never let the Darkness control your heart,
Let the Light shine in, go back to the start. 

*  كل مولود يولد على الفطرة   A quote from hadith Rasulullah s.a.w Riwayat Tirmizi

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sister, your beautiful...

I'm so busy lately preparing and struggling for my finals...

3 papers to go...

I stumbled on sister Afeefah's blog and I read a wonderful post by her...

Let us share...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all beloved friends.
"Sister, you're beautiful". 

Lets talk about beauty for awhile.

For today's entry, i just wanna share with you tips for you sisters to stay attractive and beautiful for the rest of your life inshallah (some tips can be practiced for brothers as well). 

1. To beautify your eyes, lower your gaze towards strange men. This will make you eyes pure and shiny.

2. To have attractive lips, speak with kindness towards others and speak only the truth and essential matters.

3. To have blushy cheeks, keep your haya' (modesty and shyness).

4. To look fresh and radiant, always smile and be cheerful to others.

5. To remove impurities from your face and body, make a lot of istighfar and always take wudu' whenever you break it. Inshallah it will clear you from your past sins.

6. To have beautiful hair and skin, guard it from the sight of strange men by covering it up.

7. As for jewelry, beautify your hands with humbleness and don't hesitate to lend a helping hand to those in need. 

8. As for diet, share your food with others.

9. To have healthy mind and body, constantly pray to allah and remember him and be quick to forgive people who hurt your feeling.

10. Be patient when enduring calamities and thank Allah because the reward for patience is abundance.

My dear valued sisters in islam, do enjoy following all those tips to get real beauty in the inside and outside :).
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