Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We rock!! But have we walked?

This is brother Chandra.[Picture by Ikrimah Husni]

We rock!! But have we walked?

By: ~dae_meen~
          “Ad-dakwah qobla kulla shaik” said Chandra a singer/scholar from Shoutul Harakah at our last moment together before he took off with the rest of the crew to Bandung, Indonesia yesterday (28 march 2010). I became their one of their tour guide for a day in KL. We spent the day together from 11 am to 7 pm. For my companions (the tour guide team) Raja Azman, Ikrimah Husni, Riduan Zain and I, learnt a lot from these, I should say, Muslim Scholars the true meaning of life as a Muslim. What he said to me was a simple quote but it inflicted a dramatic impact on me because putting ISLAM ahead of others requires incredible commitment and sheer dedication!! But I see they managed to do it because Chandra was an Indonesian Emigration Officer but he said “I may be an officer but that is only part-time job, being a DA’E is my full-time job, remember this Ad-dakwah qobla kulla shaik.,.”  Masyallah, May the blessings of ALLAH are upon them.

Concert LIFE LINE 4 GAZA.[Picture by Ikrimah Husni]   

         Flashing back on the day of the concert LIFE LINE 4 GAZA: BREAK THE SIEGE (26 March 2010), the SHOUTUL HARAKAH’S performance was remarkable!! I have never ever felt so energetic at the same time feeling as if someone is touching my heart saying “ALLAH is with you.” A very special feeling and experience I would say. I’ll give two thumbs up to Shoutul Harakah for the greatest performance. They managed to ROCK the crowd!! Everyone was like jumping and shouting ALLAHUAKBAR!! It was like everyone was ready to go to Palestine if they had the chance to do so. Masyallah, this is another stunning scene and the best part is that not only teenagers were lively that night, even mothers and fathers took part also as if they were still young (yeah young at heart). A very unique scene and you cannot experience it in other concerts, an energetic concert that makes you closer to ALLAH. I feel sorry for those who did not participate; you have to feel that you REGRET IT.
            You see brothers and sisters, we did ROCK that night, but the question is have we WALKED what we showed off that night? We did ROCK that night by jumping here and there showing off our enthusiasm to help Palestine, but have we walked our PROMISE to help Palestine after we have left the concert hall? Do we still have the same energy, enthusiasm and force as that night in us today? Have we donated or made dua’ for Palestine everyday as what we promised? So what is the point feeling strong and firm that only that night and all we do is just sleep after that?! To me it is just a big pile of crap. Abg Amru ‘Irfan who was sitting beside me said “Do not show off your enthusiasm if you’re not IKHLAS!!” Yes he said that to me and I silenced after that. It is better of you not to do if you are not IKHLAS. Ask yourself, are you MUKHLIS?
            I actually disgust people who shouted ALLAHUAKBAR and a minute after that he took out a box of cigarette branded DUNHILL. I saw this in front of my eyes in one demonstration to show protest to MESIR for not allowing help to GAZA. I’ve always wanted to say “Heh, what is the point you shouted ALLAHUAKBAR when ALLAH will not accept it?”  People took an oath and after that they breach that oath. What is the point of pledging and promising then? This is the same as we say BOYCOTT but after that we purchase Mac Donald’s after that. You shout SAVE PALESTINE, FREE PALESTINE, but after that you ask people “Who wants to treat me BURGER KING WOOPER?”  It is like we are doing something halal and haram at the same time and the result is nothing. When –ve meets +ve the answer is negative right? Same as that.
            For those who are still doing this, please stop!! I beg you. Please ponder this hadith “There are three distinguishing features of a hypocrite: when he speaks, he lies, when he promises he backs out and when he is given something in trust he breaches the trust” In surah As-sof: 2, ALLAH says to the effect “and fulfill the covenant. Surely, the convenant will be asked about”
            Please read my words properly. May The Blessings of ALLAH be upon us all.
P/s: For those who want a copy of high quality pictures of the concert LIFE LINE 4 GAZA: BREAK THE SIEGE pm (personal message) me ok contact me via email (am_meen89@yahoo.co.uk)

Our last moment together before take off. [Picture by Ameen Misran]


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


by: ~dae_meen~
Oh no! It’s that time of the year again,
when all the pressure is here in my head,
my stomach’s all wobbly, my eyes are in pain,
I’d rather much stay tuck in bed!!
Flashing back to the past exams and tests,
I nearly failed in all of them!!
Do you think that this is the best?
I was half dead answering but the result was all the same!!!
Before my eyes I see the points I miss,
flying away to unknown spaces.
I was also an inch away from a passionate kiss,
but I blew it, like I did with many other cases.
My brain is not thinking clear,
although my intentions are sincere.
My skills, knowledge and my cool,
went mute like a clueless fool.
My nerves are getting on my nerves,
anxiety is dominating my life,
Sweating profoundly, I'm soaking wet.
My vision fades to black.
Always shaking at the most important test,
at my final exams, my mind was stressed.
My heart storms with great force in my chest.
The terrorist called tension leaves me depressed.
I tried to set my intentions clear,
only for ALLAH my purpose is sincere,
but HIS assessments are very intense,
I do not know whether I can put up a good defense.  
Will it ever cease,
spreading like a disease?
Will I ever be in peace?
Give me an answer, please.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


“AKHI, YOU’LL DRIVE” I said to my sahabah, Raja Azman while handing over the car key of my Kancil 660 to him. Yeah, he did drive and still driving because the moment I’m posting this post, we are “ON THE HIGHWAY” to IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia) in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur.
As we are “ON THE HIGHWAY”, I think this is the best time to reflect on our life’s road that we are currently going through. Every one of us is a traveler who seeks something that is achievable in life. We seek something that we can gain every second and make sure that we are not the same as we are a second ago. If we are the same person as we are before, then we are merely scum, we are useless. We are nothing to everything and yet we feel satisfied as if our deeds are recognized by ALLAH. A poet once said "We take delight in every day that we have lived, yet each day that passes is a portion of  our lifetime gone."
Each day that passes, each moment we’ve gone through is, as it were, a leaf that has withered and fallen from the tree of our life. May Allah have mercy on Al-Hasan al-Basri when he says: "O son of Adam! You are but a bundle of days. As each day passes away, a portion of you vanishes away!"
So that is why we have to seize every second in life and should sometimes take five and applies the brakes in order to measure our performance. An intelligent, sensible person ought to do likewise, in respect of his life. More than that, he should beseech Allah to bless his life, make his day better than yesterday, and his tomorrow better than today.
In Penang before we parted from my other companions, Ikrimah Husni, Saiful Rahman, Ridhuan, Faris Fitri and Najmi, they all said “Drive carefully and may ALLAH be with you guys.” The advice by them has two parts. The part that says “drive carefully” maybe us as a human beings can do by applying the greatest care and skill while driving, but the second part that says “…may ALLAH be with you guys” is a part that only ALLAH can do. We can take all the precautions but If ALLAH wills that we will DIE in accident than who knows? Only ALLAH knows. HE is the best planner:
54. and (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of planners is Allah.
  Please pray for us so that our journey to IIUM is a safe journey and most importantly a journey that is shadowed by ALLAH.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


If every person walked the talk,
 can you imagine how could it be?
A world filled with good intentions,
that all became REALITY.
We could count on each other,
and coexist respectfully.
There would be no broken promises and
We’d have no problems spotting heroes;
 they’d be everywhere to see.
 Just by looking at the mirror,
we all would find INTEGRITY.
 If everybody did what’s right,
most rules we wouldn’t need.
Conscience, trust and common sense,
would be all the things we heed.
 There would be no hurtful actions in the news
that we would READ.
Only story after story of yet another
When it comes to raising children
with young characters to mold and FEED,
the best lessons they could ever learn
would come merely by following OUR LEAD.
 If each of us behaved beliefs,
 there’d be little cause for fear.
 All actions would be honorable,
our values would be clear.
Just by watching what it is we DO,
one could tell that we hold dear.
For our principles would be acts you see,
 NOT merely words you hear.
 It’s a challenging task to WALK THE TALK;
 every hour, day and year.
 And all we can do a better job,
 let’s start RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!!!
JOURNALISM CLUB had organized two programs
consist of a TALK (5/3/2010) and a WALK (6/3/2010).
We said that we want to save PALESTINE in the talk
and would search for DONATIONS in the walk.
We did WALK and
 we did our TALK.
Let’s walk the talk together…

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"LIFE LINE 4 GAZA" End of the Siege

Menerobos Tembok Kematian

InsyaAllah, Haluan Palestin sedang mengumpul dana sebanyak RM 10 Juta untuk membantu penderitaan sahabat kita di Gaza. Program Bantuan ini dijangkakan akan bergerak pada bulan April 2010.

Sumbangan boleh melalui :

Nama Akaun: Tabung Palestin HALUAN
BIMB: 14-023-01-003429- 2
Maybank: 5644 9020 8528

Sama2 kita doakan program ini berjalan dengan lancar dan diredhai Allah s.w.t.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


TIME is not a rhyme
by: ~dae_meen~
What do we say everyday?
That makes us all far away,
standing all alone and parting ways.
We claim that we do not have time,
we kept on saying that from time to time,
making it hear like a rhyme.
We say that we are too busy,
too busy and even no time other than study,
as if we are getting ready.
We complain that “Do not bother me!”
“I am a busy man as you can see!”
  “Who are you to come to me?”
But what have we done actually?
Please answer me sincerely!
Wasting time or have we used it effectively?!
When you say that time is too rigid,
sounds to me that it is stupid,
as stupid as CUPID,
declaring love to man more than ALLAH like it is so significant.
Why do you say that you do not have time?
When I say all the time is mine?!
MANAGE YOUR TIME and stop your whine.
Stop claiming that same old claim,
if you do that you will sound lame,
like people searching for fame.
What do they get?
Is it all that they affirm to get?
They get nothing but only regret.
Nothing in time will ever be repeated,
GOING BACK AGAINST TIME is definitely an impossible method,
so that is why we have to CAPTURE the moment.
Hear carefully this rhyme,
remember this until the end of time,

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