Tuesday, April 20, 2010


By: ~dae_meen~
I’m sick, deadly sick,
why am I sick?
Because I’m surrounded with people who stink.
Do they stench like a skunk?
No. Worse than that,
they are merely a pile of junk.
Why do I detest people around me?
Because their words make me unhappy,
sad, and in the same time angry.
I hate the words they speak,
actions they make,
all about them are totally fake!!
They like to say “Time is life” continuously,
sweet to hear as if their taking their words seriously,
but in their actions say “Time is a lie” intentionally.
As a result “Time is life” I hate to hear,
to those who say this don’t come near,
or I’m gonna smack you right in the ear.
What is wrong with this quotation?
I know that Imam HAB said this citation,
so why do I hate so much without any hesitation?
Because the people who say this are LIARS,
LIARS who act as if they are pious,
but they are imposters who work righteous.
Imam HAB is not a LIAR to begin with,
he is a great man and not living in a myth,
not like other people who misused time as a gift.
Do not mess with time,
when you say something, do it in time,
make yourself rhyme with the rhythm of time.
Make sure that your not a liar,
if you are, ALLAH will make you suffer,
and grievously HIS punishment is bitter.


Nabil MJ said...

ok ke amin?

ok fine..mula dari skrng don't ask me to giv u advice.Post ni mmbuatkan ana rasa bersalah.

Aku dgn hidupku..Kau dgn hidup kau.
Asta lavista bebeh..

♥ Afeefah Zainal ♥ said...

post yang menarik..

kira jadi la kalau nak ikut konsep arudh wal qafiah..huu

Amin Misran said...

nabil....ana ok la gak...
emosi sudah stabil sikit...
harapnye dpt tukar kos..hehe...
kire pas ni kite tak le duk sembang2 mcm dulu la ek? anta tak mo bagi nasihat kat ana, tp ana tetap akan minta nasihat dari anta...

Kak feefah..arudh wal qafiah? ape tu? rasa mcm sudah lupe...hihi...

Nabil MJ said...

to amin:
Emosi sudey stabil?good!Alhamdulillah.Jom join KAED.kasi sentap skit!

Aa..lps ni x leh duduk sembang2 mcm dulu.bercakap benda2 yang perlu n penting shj.No more jokes dude!

My advice is all fake!!better nta mintak dari shbt2 lain.

arudh wal qafiah?La amin..Nta ni x ingat ke?ana yang x amik khassah pun tahu..ish..(nada ayat penipu)

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