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Yo, Facebook Me…

Yo, Facebook Me…
by Muhaimin Misran

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"More than 175 million people use Facebook. If it were a country, 
it would be the sixth most populated country in the world"- Mark Zuckerberg

            The advent of the world’s most popular social network,, from 2004 to 2010, has given a common expression “Facebook me”. It also invented a new English word that is “Facebooking”. Facebook has changed many hearts and also has changed us as Muslim users. As Facebook grows to amuse people to no end, stereotype abounds. Put aside the bad labels and look on the bright side of on what it can really give us.

We as Muslims unite under one name, which is in HIS name Allah the Almighty. Facebook is a place where we can meet people. The feature of adding friends is a wonderful attribute to Ukhuwah. The process of Ta’aruf for new people we meet and the process of Ta’awun & Takaful for those who we already know. These are all the purpose of searching love for the sake of ALLAH. Love for HIS sake is solely to search for HIS Redha and Rahmah. If the fruits of fasting are Taqwa, then the fruits of Ukhuwwah are Rahmah. It is not a need for us to add the opposite gender, what is prohibited in Islam is still forbidden, depends on the situation and need.

The feature of sharing our status on Facebook is remarkable. It is not necessarily for us to put what we are doing the very moment. If we put our diaries there, other people will condemn and say that “Putting your diaries on public is placing your private life on the line. It’s like leaving your diary book on a bench in the middle of a park. Everyone can read it.” You don’t have to do that but we can put quotations of scholars of Islam who are Mukhtabar, short hadeeths of Rasulullah, some verse from the Quran, short Seerah’s of Rasulullah and recent updates of issue for the betterment of Mankind. It will be a reminder for those who are already aware and a new exposure for first timers. Share what you know because sharing is not only caring but also loving. 

As we go Facebooking, we tend to leave comments or send messages to our friends. We are likely to put smiley’s likeJ, ^_^,:D. Some people might say “You don’t have to do that, it’s not a need” or “Do you think it’s by cute doing that?” whatever people may say, Smiling is a Sadaqah according to a hadith by Imam At-Tirmidzi:
تَبَسَّمُكَ فِيْ وَجْه أَخِيْكَ صَدَقَةٌ...(رواه الترمذي 1956)
“"Your smile for your brother is sadaqah.” [1]

It is true that we are not smiling physically, people can’t see our smiles, but we are smiling following the language of words. If UPPERCASE and EXCLAMATION MARKS (!) indicate that you are shouting then smiley’s signifies that you are smiling. Show that smile of yours, it’s a SadaqahJ.

             Who says that Facebook is wasting time?! (If we don’t use it wisely then it is a waste of time.) Facebook provides it users to create their own group page. For us, we can benefit it by creating our own group to conduct interactive informal meetings via Facebook. One thing that I assure you is that it saves time! Believe me I’ve tried. You see, formal meetings require us to gather one place at one time and it is limited and even costly. But via Facebook, you can talk all you can unlimitedly! It connects everybody from the entire world into one place as if you’re beside that person. The best thing is that it is free! You don’t have to waste a penny!

            One fact that it is indisputable is that Facebook is addictive, no denial. But if the time is with you then there’s nothing to be afraid of. Still there are many features of Facebook that I missed due to time constrain. These are only my views and I’m ready for what anybody will ever say. Don’t forget your smile J.

[1] Retrieved from Berakhlak Seindah Rasulullah: Menuju Akhlak Seorang Mukmin Sejati 

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