Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet us @!

Meet us @!


It’s been 4 weeks since my last post on this blog. Feels like already full of spider webs.

I have an announcement to make actually, early this year (1/1/2011), my friends and I have started a new website that is For the time being, we name this site Langit Ilahi V2.

What is it Langit Ilahi V2?

The sole pioneer of this project is my best friend that is Hilal Asyraf. He is a young novelist, motivator and a student in University of Yarmouk, Jordan. He is the owner and developer of his website that is

I was invited by him to be the writer of the English Column. Inshaallah, I will share what I can. You can click here to view Langit Ilahi v2.

The future of

Starting on 1/1/2011, I have officially become the writer in charge of the English Column. I will share my articles every Friday. I will try and post poems and short stories on Saturday.

Regarding my blog, I will seldom update it; I will spend more time on Langit Ilahi V2. I will only post one quarter of my article on Langit Ilahi V2 on this blog. If I have the time, I will produce new posts on my blog.


Because I’m afraid I can’t sustain two sites at the same time. It’s more about my limitation as a student and as a writer, time constrain that is L

More info on Langit Ilahi V2

Langit Ilahi V2 is a website that is run by a collective number of writers.

Monday: Hilal Asyraf [Motivation]

Tuesday: Abu Umar [Life]

Wednesday: BroHamzah [Himmah]

Thursday: Abu Ridwan [Youth]

Friday: Ameen Misran [English Column]

Saturday: Creative Writing

Sunday: Tengku Fahmi [Photography], Afiq Nasyiron dan Rafi' [Comic], Langit IlahiTVshow [Video].

To view the blogs or sites of all the columnist, you can just click their sites on the right side of this blog under Langit Ilahi Team. 

So Meet us @ Langit Ilahi V2 now!

May Allah Bless us all!


dates.trees said...

may Allah ease you!

Al-Mufakkir Hamidi said...

u should find other writer for this blog.
Just suggestion.


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