Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm bored...

“New born…”
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6 HOURS I have been stretching my neck in front of my Aspire 4310 notebook. It is already 3 o’clock in the morning but sleeping was a myth. Why? I do not know what to read and write. I am working on my research paper titled “Abolish Bumiputera Policy”, but I kept on erasing all the lame words I have typed. Ideas were not flowing as usual. Everything was bad. Only 3 days for date line. For years I have been trying to gain my word power in writing, but all the hard work all these years were helpless. I am beginning to feel fed up.

“Yeah, I’m bored, too bored man!” Got up from the chair I seated, went to my personal dressing mirror the size of a human. “I have not polished the mirror lately, it looks a bit smudged.” I looked into my self. From head to toe, I scanned trough. “I’m physically fine and ready” said to myself. But what is wrong with me? What is making me bored?

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