Saturday, March 19, 2011

You Smile, I Smile ...^_^...

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Since I was a kid until now, many people kept on telling me something that in a sense makes me feel disturbed and irritated. I know that they are telling me the truth. But it’s just I don’t like it. I don’t feel anger or contempt but my feelings are bothered a bit.

What did they say to me?

This is what they said to me “Your smile is not that sweet…” and then comparing the ‘taste’ of my smile with others. As if my smile has lack of sugar and more salt. To a point, I feel like not smiling at all due to the ‘lack of sugary’ taste in my smile. Every time they say this to me, I will give a smirk, a grin, a fake controlled smile as if I don’t feel anything.

But as time passes, I managed to actually shield myself from this sarcasm and to an extent, I don’t care what people might say about my smile, I don’t care about what people may critic me, I believe in my smile because this what Allah has asked me to do. I let it all go, because after every rainfall must come a rainbow. Right? If I can convert what I feel in words, it will sound like this “Who cares about your verdicts? Keep your critics to yourself.”

So, you smile, I’ll smile. I smile, you’ll smile.

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UmarMita said...

lol why should you even care about what they say? we are all beautiful the way we are. :) so keep smiling !

Ummu Al-Fateh said...

smile with your heart, then others will feel the warmth of it..
but preserve your smile for those who deserves to 'feel' your smile.

Take care lil bro. [^^,]

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