Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I will never stand down!


Although my exams have finished last Saturday, but I'm actually bloody busy right now with two consecutive programs that are:

1. Hijrah Menara Gading 2011 (HiMEGA 11) that is on 22 - 24 April 2011, KAED Main Auditorium, IIUM
International Seminar on Peace and Humanitarian Aid for Gaza 2011, on 23 April 2011, at Cultural Activity Centre, IIUM (I'll become the MC for this program... hee)

Wow! This is my first experience in an international program! Masha Allah!

So I wanted to share with you guys a short poem I wrote this morning;

Even if you knock me down,
even if you take over my crown,
even though you cut all my hands and feet,
even though you take my ability to see and speak,
I will never, ever stand down!
I'm actually trying my best not to feel down. Well I do feel spiritually weak sometimes.

Please, I really need your dua'.

May Allah love you guys!



♥ Afeefah Zainal ♥ said...


hope you get well soon and everything will be back to normal so that u can focus on ur work.inshallah..

kak afeefah- (jangan rasa pelik dengan komen ni sebab kak afeefah dah bau2 something ^^)

AmeenMisran said...

Thanks kak feefah...

Tatau apa yg kak afeefah "bau-bau" tu tentang ape, banyak yg berlaku lately.. hihi (Kak afeefah mesti phm kan)

Yg pasal kak feefah "bau-bau" tu inshallah i'm ok now...

It's noting... Whenever i'm feeling not ok, I'll remember 96: 4.

Jazakillah for all your support kak feefaah!


AA said...

all the best...insyaAllah u can do it..

Amin Misran said...

Thanks kak tikah. Mari HiMEGA dak?

Amin Misran said...

Thanks kak tikah. Mari HiMEGA dak?

Aisyah Ulya said...


May ALLAH assist you!


nusaibah said...

Rabbuna yusahhil.
You'll not feel down if you insist yrslf not to. and ofcrse, inshaAllah.

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