Saturday, March 20, 2010


“AKHI, YOU’LL DRIVE” I said to my sahabah, Raja Azman while handing over the car key of my Kancil 660 to him. Yeah, he did drive and still driving because the moment I’m posting this post, we are “ON THE HIGHWAY” to IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia) in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur.
As we are “ON THE HIGHWAY”, I think this is the best time to reflect on our life’s road that we are currently going through. Every one of us is a traveler who seeks something that is achievable in life. We seek something that we can gain every second and make sure that we are not the same as we are a second ago. If we are the same person as we are before, then we are merely scum, we are useless. We are nothing to everything and yet we feel satisfied as if our deeds are recognized by ALLAH. A poet once said "We take delight in every day that we have lived, yet each day that passes is a portion of  our lifetime gone."
Each day that passes, each moment we’ve gone through is, as it were, a leaf that has withered and fallen from the tree of our life. May Allah have mercy on Al-Hasan al-Basri when he says: "O son of Adam! You are but a bundle of days. As each day passes away, a portion of you vanishes away!"
So that is why we have to seize every second in life and should sometimes take five and applies the brakes in order to measure our performance. An intelligent, sensible person ought to do likewise, in respect of his life. More than that, he should beseech Allah to bless his life, make his day better than yesterday, and his tomorrow better than today.
In Penang before we parted from my other companions, Ikrimah Husni, Saiful Rahman, Ridhuan, Faris Fitri and Najmi, they all said “Drive carefully and may ALLAH be with you guys.” The advice by them has two parts. The part that says “drive carefully” maybe us as a human beings can do by applying the greatest care and skill while driving, but the second part that says “…may ALLAH be with you guys” is a part that only ALLAH can do. We can take all the precautions but If ALLAH wills that we will DIE in accident than who knows? Only ALLAH knows. HE is the best planner:
54. and (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of planners is Allah.
  Please pray for us so that our journey to IIUM is a safe journey and most importantly a journey that is shadowed by ALLAH.


kura2 said...

i'm still amazed with your English n how well u've done these articles...

life is but a long journey

may Allah bless us..
and jazakallah for ur comment though i didnt really get what did u mean..

i think my English gets weaker as my arabic get pray for our MUET n STAM...barakallahufiik

Atiqah said...

good writing from u impressive projection of idea!

Unknown said...

It's preferable to ask for permission to use an image before just taking it. Please bear this in mind in future.

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