Sunday, March 7, 2010


If every person walked the talk,
 can you imagine how could it be?
A world filled with good intentions,
that all became REALITY.
We could count on each other,
and coexist respectfully.
There would be no broken promises and
We’d have no problems spotting heroes;
 they’d be everywhere to see.
 Just by looking at the mirror,
we all would find INTEGRITY.
 If everybody did what’s right,
most rules we wouldn’t need.
Conscience, trust and common sense,
would be all the things we heed.
 There would be no hurtful actions in the news
that we would READ.
Only story after story of yet another
When it comes to raising children
with young characters to mold and FEED,
the best lessons they could ever learn
would come merely by following OUR LEAD.
 If each of us behaved beliefs,
 there’d be little cause for fear.
 All actions would be honorable,
our values would be clear.
Just by watching what it is we DO,
one could tell that we hold dear.
For our principles would be acts you see,
 NOT merely words you hear.
 It’s a challenging task to WALK THE TALK;
 every hour, day and year.
 And all we can do a better job,
 let’s start RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!!!
JOURNALISM CLUB had organized two programs
consist of a TALK (5/3/2010) and a WALK (6/3/2010).
We said that we want to save PALESTINE in the talk
and would search for DONATIONS in the walk.
We did WALK and
 we did our TALK.
Let’s walk the talk together…


Sarah ZainalPuteh said...

" If each of us behaved beliefs,
there’d be little cause for fear."

hmm.what does it means? the 'behaved beliefs' one.

Amin Misran said...

What do you think it means?

Sarah ZainalPuteh said...

hmm..orite.lets try an error

behaved relegously
behaved like what you believe in

ok.lets try another 'cuba cuba jaya'

if someone behaved religously, than no one will live in fear?

really dunno..

Amin Misran said...

How can u be an english lecturer when you can't understand? :)

I'll give u a clue what does "behaved beliefs" means...

'Aqidah means The Muslim belief system...

So now what do you think it means?

Sarah ZainalPuteh said...

even teachers make mistake (><,)!

orite.keep trying..keep trying..dont give up sarah..

maybe, if each of us behave in what we beleive, the wolrd will be at peace coz people usually blve in good things.

in muslims perspective, if everyone beriman, then there'll be no corruption,everyone will live in peace and so onnn..

afzainizam said...

Salam ziarah salam kunjungan pada kamu…. Salam dari kejauhan
Salam dari kami

”Selintas camar yang lalu
membawa sarat harapan
nun di puncak awan biru
sana sayapnya meluas membuka
ruang pandangan manusia
agar mengheret dukanya pergi”

" Antara kau dan aku
Blog ini sebagai pengantara
Sebuah persahabatan....
Terima kasih
kembara ziarah maya”

Mulanya penuh sukar
Keyakinan teguh sendirian
Di bangkitkan sama teman - teman
Harungi suatu tujuan

Perjalanan masih jauh
Kemanisan menunggu ayuh
Masih penuh kesukaran
Namun yakin berkumpulan
Membangkitkan semangat tujuan
Mewarnakan kemanisan
Demi kemanusiaan

أحسن شئ كلام رقيق يستخرج من بحر عميق على لسان رجل رفيق

"Sebaik-baik perkara ialah: Perkataan yang lembut, yang dikeluarkan dari lautan yang dalam, daripada seorang yang lemah-lembut"

afzainizam said...

Assalamualaikum salam sejahtera,
Pemanis kata pembuka bicara;
Dari Blog kami bercerita,
Untuk tatapan sahabat semua.

Bukan kacang sebarang kacang.
Kacang melilit si kayu jati.
Bukan datang sebarang datang.
Datang membawa hajat di hati.

Salam ziarah salam kunjungan pada kamu…. Salam dari kejauhan
Salam dari kami

aku ziarah kali kedua baca habis older entry post ko ni

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