Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SHE’s gone… It will never be the same again….

“It will never be the same again,
everything’s we’ve lost, we can’t regain,
the love we wanted, we can’t get,
because it’s only left as a memory we can’t forget”

“SHE’s gone right?” I said to myself. I loved her, respected her, and cherished her but she’s gone now and I can’t reach her any more.
I still remembered, the time I spent with her. Every moment was special. Every second was crucial. There was once a time we talked heart to heart, no barrier as if we were madly in love, yeah; we are in love, a love so deep.
We shared all about our lives, experiences and values we have to gain. At the end of our meet, I took out one RM50 note as a present of her kindness, but she nodded and smiled, then she said “Wait until you have your own work”. I was still 16 at that time, 5 years ago. Yeah, I know I need that money more than she does.
12 September 2010 was our Eid UL Fitr family gathering at Bagan, Parit Besar, Batu Pahat. But this year’s Eid will never be the same as before, it will never be the same. We gathered together as a family but something feels wrong. There’s something missing. There’s someone missing. “She’s missing” everyone cried, “She gone” everyone said, “She will never return” everyone agreed.
We cried, yeah we cried, tears were running, sad faces everywhere, “She’s gone” I kept on repeating it to myself. As a human being I felt sad as she is not there, but I know Allah has called her home.
This is the very moment when the lyric of Zain Bikha’s song; I remember your smile, makes me fail to smile.
Where there’s alright, there is no wrong,
I always thought we were so strong,
but our time just flu right by,
there wasn't a chance to say goodbye.

I'm so confused,
I feel all alone,
Deep in the heart I know ALLAH has called you home,


But yes,
Your smile,
still lives in my mind,
and yes,
it’s so hard,
I just break down and cry.

I remember,
the time,
our friendship always strong.
I remember,
your eyes,
ran away to melt my heart.

Most of all,
I remember,
I remember your smile.

Sometimes I lay awake at night,
the pain in my heart i just can't fight,
why did u have to go away,
yet I know none of us can stay.

U always be,
so special to me,
in this world you'll always live as a memory.


But yes,
Your smile,
Still lives in my mind,
and yes,
it’s so hard,
I just break down and cry.

I remember,
The time,
our friendship always strong,
I remember,
your eyes,
run away to melt my heart

Most of all,
I remember,
I remember your smile.

I miss you, I love you grandma.
May Allah Bless your soul atok Saemah binti Urip.



hoodsunny said...


This entry reminds me of my late sister.

Raya tahun ini kurang meriah dan terasa kosong..

Pemergian org terdekat menandakan teguran Allah kpd kita, kita juga akan dipanggil pulang.

Persoalannya sudah bersediakah?


kHaZiNaTuL_HuMaiRa' said...

salam takziyah..
ad insan yg diuji dgn pmergian insan tersayang, ad insan yg diuji dgn kclakaan.. mcm2 lg..
sglny xlain xbkn, nk dkatkn kte pd yg maha Pencinta..

Hiromi Ichiban said...


It is not a problem for us to grieve over the loss of someone, but it is contradict to the fitrah of hari raya, to rejoice over the victory after a month full of fasting.

I do same to you, lost someone I loved since I was little and I really miss him.

But God is Almighty, who gives life and death, who knows all things.

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