Saturday, June 25, 2011

Have you swallowed a dictionary?

If you can’t swallow it whole then eat it!
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“If you have one thousand words in your head, then you will have no difficulty in speaking Arabic” my father said as he taught one of his classes. I was just there to see him teach. It wasn’t my class actually, my father is teaching a senior class in Sekolah Agama Taman Sri Pulai.  

One of my weakest subject was Arabic language, I can’t even write properly, what more if I speak Arabic then? It’ll definitely sound like trash. But what he said just now made me feel that he is challenging me. The challenge was to speak Arabic fluently. Do I dare to speak Arabic? 

So I grew up still I can’t master Arabic that good but at least I can speak or sometimes debate in Arabic language. I tried to apply what my father said by memorizing all the words I can. I listened to lectures and tried by very best to use the language. 

In my own words, I came out with a solution for a person to excel in language; the solution is to ask yourself “Have you swallowed a dictionary?” (Thanks to my dad of course)

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