Friday, July 1, 2011

TAQWA: The "Boring" Weekly Call

 “See what happens when we miss an important call”
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FRIDAY is the most exhausting day of the week. Even though I do not have classes on this day, sleeping half a day will always be my top priority. Study? Rarely. Breakfast?Hardly any. Just sleep and sleep. Exhausted I guess.

When the clock strikes 1 pm, I would get ready for prayer, Friday prayer of course. Walk to the IIUM Masjid and wait for the first azan. After an interval for about 10 minutes, the khatib gives salaam and then the second azan is heard.

The azans normally sounds beautiful like a lullaby making the Friday jamaah feel so sleepy. When the azan is over, the khatib starts his khutbah. As the khatib starts with:

“O you who have believed, fear Allah as He should be feared and do not die except as Muslims [in submission to Him].” (Ali-Imran: 102)

I witness in front of my eyes, most of the guys, head down! Their head goes up and down not indicating that they understand what the khatib is saying, but because they doze off to dreamland!
Why are they sleeping?  Why are we (men) dozing off? If the purpose of Friday prayer is a place for men to ‘rest’ then, sleeping will be quite acceptable.

But Friday prayer is a weekly call for TAQWA. Is this call a ‘boring’ call?


Hiromi Ichiban said...


ya ahheee

macam mana kalau dengar khutbah dalam bahasa yg kita kurang fahami?
nak dengar serba salah, nak tidur pun serba salah....hurm

Hiromi Ichiban said...

mohon kopi akhi, utk blog JC

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