Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm Breaking down....

Breaking down
by: ~dae_meen~

I kept on asking myself “Why did we agree to accept?”,
when we know that it is out of the concept!?
Why didn’t we just call on quits rather than going forward?
Do you think we’re gonna be called a coward?

Now what has happened?
Almost everything burned,
the real message neglected,
Syara’ rejected.

"Easier said than done",
we always say this and that but everything seems to be gone!
"Well done is better than well said",
but what’s the point on doing it? Are our sweats paid?

Do you think it’s that easy?
If you say so, go on, show that “easy-peasy”,
prove that your words are not just for show!

I'm feeling like breaking down,
I'm losing myself, really, I’m really going down,
don't say to me "Don't give up",
because saying that makes me really wanna give up!


Al-Mufakkir Hamidi said...


then i will say, "Ma'akallah!" (With you is ALLAH)

then, 'La Tahzan, everything is under (HIS) control!'

Ramadan Kareem.

marisy said...

Mukmin takkan menyerah jika satu jalan dah tertutup. Dia akan minta Allah buka seribu jalan yg lain. If u think u're doing d right thing, just keep going. Jgn mengalah. Yang haq memerlukan penegaknya.

Hiromi Ichiban said...

if i cant say "DONT GIVE UP" to muhaimin, Then, i'll say "MUHAIMIN, JUST GIVE UP LA" perhaps.

Salam di akHIR rAMaDHan.

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