Thursday, October 7, 2010

Maher Zain or Palestine?

Maher Zain or Palestine?

LAST NIGHT WAS A BLAST!!! More than 3 thousand people flooded the Cultural Activity Centre (CAC) of IIUM Gombak. Outside the doors of CAC, traffic congestion occurred everywhere, the road was so packed with vehicles, security tried to do what they could. As I was doing my duty backstage (in charge of the performing artists) one question came to my mind, why did all these people come here tonight? Did they pay RM20 because to see MAHER ZAIN or to feel the urgency to help PALESTINE? Yeah, what is your answer?
A week before, while I was on duty at our PTWBF booth in front of the female IIUM Mosque, a sister came to our booth and approached me.  

 “Brother, is the ticket still available, a friend of mine said it’s sold out” the sister asked.

“What ticket sis?” I asked her as if I didn’t know.

“The ticket on the Palestine Concert” said her.

“Oho, why didn’t you say the concert that Maher Zain will be performing, it’s the same thing actually” 

“Maher Zain is performing?! I didn’t know about that” said the sister. Suprised.

“You didn’t know? See sis, you’re the first person to ask me, the ticket to Palestine Concert, instead of Maher Zain concert.”

                Out of all the person I met, in Facebook or face to face, they all kept on repeating “Maher Zain’s concert...Maher Zain this...Maher Zain that...Maher Zain’s coming...I love you Maher Zain...bla..bla..bla"  without ever  stating our main focus is Palestine Tomorrow Will Be Free (PTWBF).

                I admit that Maher Zain’s voice is wonderful, his music is entertaining and his song lyrics are mesmerising, I wonder why people are so crazy about him, screaming his name like someone possessed as if he knows you. All of you forget the da’wah that he is trying to convey through his song, through his lyrics. He only wants you to remember Allah, remember what the prophet teaches us. Maher Zain is not the same as other artists like Eminem or Lady Gaga, so don’t treat him as someone similar to them. Maher Zain is still a human being, a muslim who wants the betterment in Islam. 

                But to me the highlight for last night was Shoutul Harakah not Maher Zain. I was the one who fetched them at the airport and the nights with them. I can conclude all the members of Shoutul Harakah as “True popularity is not the popularity which is followed after, but the popularity which follows after.” Shoutul Harakah to me are like my family, they treat me as if I’m they’re little brother. Why did I say this? Because I’ve spent many times together with Shoutul Harakah. Maher Zain? One day Inshallah. 

                Last words from me, Alhamdulillah, total collection of donation for Palestine for 4 days was RM24 thousand*. 

The one needin ur dua’


*Concert Mahabbah GAZA=RM23 Thousand, Palestine Mass Gathering=RM123 Thousand. 


Nabil MJ said...


That's why I wasn't there that night.Kalau setakat nak dengar lagu maher zain,mai bilik ana pun boleh.Ana kasi play lagu dia banyak kali pun tak pa.Free ja..

Our aim to end the siege on gaza by raising fund.But seems that matlamat tu dah terpesong.

Anyway sorry tak bg komitmen.Ana dh futur..kekeke

Last announcement:Kepada sesiapa kemaruk sangat nak dengar maher zain nyanyi,mai bilik ana.ana kasi play repeat banyak2 smpai bosan.Ada paham??

Mardhihah Mat Ishak said...

i still wondering why the theater should be in Malay? hhmmmm

Amin Misran said...

dhiha, if you're in such a hurry...

you have so many things to focus on...

can you manage to do the best when your time management is bad?

will you still try and go on or will you just grasp what you can?

Will you succeed when you already know that you're competing a loosing battle?

faham ke maksud tersiratnye? hehe

Anonymous said...

sy pun sgt2 minat dgn shoutul harakah, lebih dr maher zain. tp sy lihat xde salahnya ramai org rujuk that concert as maher zain concert. kdg2 manusia mmg ade tendency utk panggil sesuatu dgn rujukan yg lebih dikenali.

walaupun MUNGKIN donation kali ni banyak sbb adanya nama Maher Zain, bukan ke itu masih sesuatu yang baik? sekurangnya dapat menarik golongan2 yg kurang berminat terhadap palestin untuk mengambil tahu. insyaAllah, mana tahu satu hari nanti hati mereka terbuka? daripada sebelum ni yang balik2 orang yg sama..

sy selalu nampak trend ni.. cthnya ceramah jauhi zina, yg datang orang yg sama, yang insyaAllah xde potensi utk melakukan zina.. sedangkan target kita adalah golongan lain. bukan ingat memperingati antara golongan kita2 sj.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum, salam perjuangan.


p/s: bagaimana hendak meletakkan facebook like dan facebook sharing dalam blog?

Terima Kasih.

Amin Misran said...

to anonymous, rasanya awak da salah faham apa yg saya nak sampaikan kot...


Allah memudahkan byk perkara dgn kehadiran akhi maher zain ni...

cumenye, sy nak kritik je napa smpai nak terjerit2 sbb maher zain....terutamanya wanita...

itu je...

NJ said...


Eh,rasanya jualan tiket konsert "Maher Zain" tu tak pergi ke donation to palestine kan?

In fact,sebahagian org yang hadir pd malam 2 tak tahu pun yg concert tu bersempena dgn fund raising untuk palestine.Yang mereka tahu,
'oh ada konsert maher zain di uia'.


Amin Misran said...


betul betul NJ...

Tapi Allah memudhkan banyak benda...


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