Friday, July 29, 2011

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Let’s get ready to rumble!
by Ameen Misran

While browsing through my old 4310 Acer notebook, I saw a picture of the Musolla of my ex-high school, MATRI. Then I looked at my desk calendar. Today is 27 Syaaban and I am 3 days away from  Ramadan. Will I manage to enter the doors of Ramadan? Last year, our beloved Ustaz Asri of Rabbani passed away before entering Ramadan. What about me? I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Gazing at the picture brings me unforgettable memories when I was in high school. It has been almost four years since I’ve finished my studies at that school near the woods. I can assure myself, to me, MATRI is the best place to celebrate the festival of deeds during Ramadan. Comparing the places I’ve been in my life, no place can challenge the beauty of the people nurturing Ramadan. No place, not even IIUM Gombak.

In MATRI, from morning to midnight, the Musolla was so full of students reciting and praying. After Terawih prayer, many circles, big and small ones was making Tadarus Al-Quran. Finishing the Quran more than 3 times in one month was a norm in MATRI. But my past Ramadan, finishing it once was the maximum number for me and I was among the minorities. I feel peace and tranquillity seeing the students competing with each other and to some extend making contests to win who finishes the Quran first. Huh! Old memories.
In that picture, there was a picture of my former senior and former xifu, Ustaz Muhtad. A great guy who finished his studies in University Al-Azhar, Dumyati, Mesir. He was staff of MATRI teaching Arabic. He was also the warden of Huffaz Dormitory at that time.

I sunk deep in my thoughts. A memory took place five years ago went rolling my head.

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