Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Marriage is mirage

"You and I are different" picture by jeyminems of deviantart.com
Marriage is the most awaited moment,
many people switch to fast forward for that particular moment.

Marriage is the proof of love between two people,
no matter how they look, crossed eyes or full of pimples.

Love does make the world go round,
and love certainly heals all wounds.

But I, I do not feel happy for this so called marriage,
to me marriage is a mirage.

I'm too scared for that moment to come,
I'm too chicken to be called a husband or a father.

To be honest, I can't even afford my life,
so what will I give to my future wife?

It is difficult, so difficult to maintain another life besides my own,
I better of living alone.

If Allah wills, I wanna be a bachelor all my life.
If you wanna say I'm a coward young man, then so be it!
I am coward!

For my future wife, I do not know when will I be ready,
do you think you can still wait for me?

1 comment:

shasshaDanial said...

Bila masanya sudah tiba, kahwin lah kamu. :) Setiap orang dah ditetapkan jodohnya. Kalau future wife kamu sanggup tunggu, maknanya dia betul2 sayangkan kamu. jangan sia2 kan dia. :)

p/s; correct me if i am wrong. :D

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