Friday, May 20, 2011

Best in the world

“Find the key…” Picture by by ~endrju100

Everyone has a story to tell, so do I. My story is about persons who took my hand and showed me the path, right and left, when I was confused in a life full of mazes. They are not my Xifu, not my Sensei but they are my Murabbi(s). ß plural of Murabbi , converted to English (my English \^_^/ )

Murabbi… yeah…

From the day I learnt this word till the moment I’m breathing, as far as I know, it seems that no other word in any other language can give the same powerful meaning as the word Murabbi. If you don’t believe me then, go make a little research.
Well, the word Murabbi can be translated as the word ‘Teacher’ or ‘Guru’. And from the word teacher comes the day when we celebrate “Teacher’s day” or “Hari Guru” that is on 16th of May every year. You know, if I have the power (“If ade power la, soon…” – in Manglish), I’ll change this celebration into “Murabbi Day” or “Hari Murabbi” and I do not care if people will say it language pollution.

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