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Just say "I don't know" will ya?

Just say “I don’t know” will ya?
I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads…..
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Once upon a time there was a guy who traveled thousands of miles from Morocco to Madinah. This hell of a journey was only to accomplish one mission that is to meet Imam Malik and to ask and discuss some questions
These unanswered questions were imposed by the people of Morocco to the great, well known, renowned Imam al-Madinah that is Imam Malik. That guy was just a representative whose journey to Madinah was weeks and months
As he reached Madinah, the first station he went was to attend a program conducted by Imam Malik. In the gathering, that guy asked the unanswered questions to Imam Malik in front of many others. But sadly Imam Malik replied back “I don’t know. That problem has never risen so far in our place. Our elders have never taught us about that. Please go home tomorrow.”

The next day, before he went off to Morocco, that guy came back to Imam Malik with his donkey that was his medium of transportation. He asked again Imam Malik: “O Imam, how’s my question last night?” 

Imam Malik answered: “I still do not know the answer.”

That guy did not want to go back empty handed, he insists: “O Abu Abdillah, these are issues raised by my people in Morocco. They say that there’s no person wiser and more intelligent in the world than Imam Malik. What am I suppose to report to them after this?” 

Once again Imam Malik answers: “When you have returned to your hometown, tell them that Imam Malik do not know”

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