Monday, May 16, 2011

I don't know, I just don't know

"Death is a beautiful Sunset"
picture by Unitopia

One death after another,

makes me shiver.

When it is my last breath,
will I be ready for my death?

Before Allah, will everything go cool?
Or will I become a fool?

I don't know, 
I just don't know.

*One death again after Ustaz Dahlan, Ummi Halimaton, Sir Yahya & Sir Ghazali, My former teacher, Ustaz Yasamsuri passed away at 4.20am this morning. He used to teach me Usul Fiqh. He is a great teacher. Even his salary is paid by University of Madinah. Other people are celebrating teachers day with joy, but I, with full of tears. His DEATH is for us to remember this day. 

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Aisyah Ulya said...

May ALLAH assists us

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