Thursday, July 22, 2010


by: ~dae_meen~
I’m tired of walking,
because I’m actually fasting,
so I sat down beside a tree that evening.
When I glanced down,
there was an injured crow on the ground,
suffering and crying over an open wound.
I felt sorry for the poor thing,
I’ll regret my life if I don’t fulfill this feeling,
“I must do something!!”
 I tried to come nearer,
but I can’t do that, I am in danger,
there were angry crow’s in that area.
Those angry crows kept on attacking my forehead,
on and on not a single second should be wasted,
so I retreated and moved away instead.
From a distance, I saw, they attacked everyone who were near the injured one,
they will attack and attack until they’re done,
no one is excluded, not even one, none.
Masyallah, I’m watching an inspiring atmosphere!
This is what we call “one with nature”,
so much things for us to ponder and nurture!
The meaning of brotherhood is displayed by these crows,
they will not go down without exchanging blows,
protecting the weak and defeating their foes.
 Were they born from the same womb? Does the same blood run in them?
I don’t know, but will it change them?
I think not, because it is implanted in them, without the feel of boredom.
This is what we humans don’t possess,
when it comes to brotherhood, we don’t have the passion, zeal and zest,
we always want to save our own ass.
Look at the our brothers and sisters in Palestine,
what has happened and still happening?
Their cry is still on, do we really care what is on going?
They suffer each day,
without any place to stay,
what else can we say?
To them, death is nothing,
because we all be dead and it will come without a warning,
but the important thing is how is our ending?
The Palestinians, they never feel weary but always tight,
“We will not go down without a fight…”
“…in GAZA tonight…”
Let us all stand up, for the revival of ISLAM!
Watch out Kuffar! Tomorrow, we will never be the SAME!
“United we stand, together we SLAM!”


Nabil MJ said...

Salam Amin,
Gagak tu yang ada dkt centre berhadapan Kiosk tu ke?Dekat bawah pokok tempat duduk2 tu?

Ana pun kena serang jugak.Tak perasan pulak time duduk tu ada gagak injured sebelah ana.Tak pasal2 ,dua ekor gagak yg lain datang serang kepala.

Pergh!Ala2 perang tu!Terus head down.Nasib baik ana tak meniarap.

Ramai jugak la kena serang yang ana nampak.Ada smpai kena patuk kepala.

So,jom ambil lesson from the crow.

*Tetiba teringat poem the dead crow time zaman sekolah dulu.Hahaha (tiada kaitan)

Amin Misran said...

haah..gagak tu kat situ...

anta tak nampak gagak injured tu sbb gagak tu da lompat-lompat ke duk bawah van..

ana nak amik gagak tu tapi nak kene masuk kelas..

pengajaran yg baik...

Nabil MJ said...

eh ana nampak gagak tu.ana duduk sebelah dia la.kira ana bleh pegang n usap2 la.Tapi just realized ada gagak kat situ bila dh kena attack.

Before kena serang ana x nampak.Biasala..ana kan menjaga pandangan.Jalan or duduk,tak tengok apa2 dah.Gagak injured pun ana tak tengok.Aurat.hehehe.

Just ignore my stupid statement.making silly jokes.

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