Saturday, July 17, 2010


I will never forget these quotes:
“Who likes you taking LAW?!” Muhammad Muttaqee Misran
“I know you Ameen, you’re my son, LAW is not for you…” Dr. Salbiah Binti Seliman
“As long as you love it, you deserve it…” Sir Nasir Salleh
“Oh, I thought that you are taking English…” Sir Abdoh Zainal Abidin
“You want to take English? Well then, whenever we need help overseas, we can ask for your assistance…” Ustaz Abdul Hadi Othman
“Come on Amin, don’t change your program…” Pakcik Baderol Alam
“Follow what fits your interest, not what others think…” Akhi Syakir Sabaruddin
“Salam…Well it's a big shock for me to hear the news...Changing course? I was a HiMEGA’10 participant and your words about LAW stuns me…Because of that it was one of reasons I choose LAW now…I wait for the next post to know the answers…However, good luck in whatever you are doing..InsyaAllah” Siti Asma’ Mohd Nor
“Salam amin..apa2 pun, moga ia bermanfaat utk islam & dirimu di ms depan. Jiddiyah & ikhlas, itu penting. selamat belajar & menjadi budak BENL” Fatimah
“I believe that BENL is the program for you…” Ali Husni
“Why did you change your program when you already know the culture?” Arina Mohd Daim
“Why did you back down when you were just starting?” Bro Khalid Al-Walid
“We are waiting for you in KTD…” Bro Irwan Effendi
“Hanya mereka yang tidak faham tuntutan Al-Asr akan kata anta rugi masa belajar, anta tak rugi Ameen…” Muhammad Hilal Asyraf
“The reasons why you do not have to change your program are what you’ve said at HiMEGA…” Sarah Hamizah Zainal Abidin


Atiqah said...

the same words i heard when i first decided to stand on my own decision to take English..

dont worry ameen..u r not alone in this path..people dont understand u...u have ur own rights to make ur own decision, create ur own future, choose ur own long as it can benefit islam and dakwah, people have no rights to say no or go against u..

perhaps people could see the good side if u take Law..but u urself could see what ur future will be in Law..u've made ur decision,dont look back and believe me, those words will help u to be even stronger than u r now..

♥ Afeefah Zainal ♥ said...

ia akan menjadi keputusan yang tepat jika kita tidak rasa menyesal dan rugi apabila keputusan itu sudah dibuat.

moga itu yang terbaik buat amin. inshallah.

Muhamad Nurullah said...

Miss u bro!
-ur sahabat-

Ana Aisyah said...

moga ianya adalah yang terbaik buatmu..

teruskan berjuang atas nama Islam =)

Amin Misran said...

Jazakumullah to all...

FYI, these are their sayings before I choose to change..

Insyallah...I am sure that BENL is the answer to my Istikharah...

Siti Asma Bt. Mohd. Noor said...

Allah knows better..

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