Monday, July 26, 2010


By: ~dae_meen~
“Muhaimin, here’s your RM50” Mr Khalid called out for me, I went to him and received that piece of valuble paper. Man! I smiled out of satisfaction! Today (Saturday) was all about earning money, money and money! When it comes to money, I don’t care whether I have to work from 7.30 am to 7.00 pm. Nearly 12 hours in sweat! But I don’t care because I will be paid! After received that money, got my ride and went back home. Even my exhausted body and acking back is got like thin air after receiving that reward. Well, it sure was breath-taking but it also satisfiying (One day= RM50, it’s quite good right?).
Sorry if I sound like ‘I’m crazy over money’ in the introduction. The truth is, I am crazy about money! But my obsession about having money is directed to a clear purpose. I always make sure that my intentions are clear and keep this in mind “All my intentions alright, am I doing it for ALLAH? When I’m looking deep deep down inside, do I have the right niyyah?”- Intentions, Native deen. I also bear in mind the quotation by Abdul Rahman Auf “I never put weath in my heart, it is always in my hand.” These are essential reminders for me when I confort money.
I’m neither rich nor I have many possessions. My study fees and every expenditure in my life is coming from only one source, that is my parents. So that is why I choose to search for a part-time job for me to earn extra income and not solely depending on my parents. You see, every semester, the fees are RM1090.00,  comprises of study expenditure and hostel, that doesn’t count my pocket money. How much in total do you think my parents have to spend only for me for one year? Maybe nearly 6 thousand ringgit? That is a lot of money. (If I save that money, I could buy a FZ 150 i).
For this reason, I try to search every part-time job possibble for me to take. My mother wont allow me to apply for loan and I am not yet qualified to earn shcolarship (because I’m back in first semester). If I am in the financial crisis,  I don’t have the guts to text or call my mother and say “Mama, may you be in the pink of health. Its very dark here, I can’t afford to buy a torch-light” or “Mama, may ALLAH bless you. Theres inflasion going on in IIUM and everything is expensive, I only ate Mee Cintan everyday mama” or “Mama, my bottle is empty, I need to refill.” Whether it is a direct message or not, i’m like spineless even to ask even though my mother once said to me “It is the duty of the parents to give what is best for their children. Don’t  pull back to ask, we parents will give what we can. Don’t spend to much. Save money Amin.”
Taking a part-time job is actually fun (apart from exhaustion). You tend to meet new people and learn wonderful things that you will never get just doing your everyday life on campus. The most meaningful value that I’ve learn is what once said by a senior of mine, bro Faisal “Now you know how hard it is just to earn a RM50.” Yeah, now I really know how is it to be a parent working and in the same time raising a family, tough, exhausting and you have to confront many new difficulties. “Every fool can make a baby, only man can raise one”-Outlandish.
That is why I’ve change from not fasting at all to at least fast for one day in a week. I am always on diet and spend RM5 only a day, that means breafast, lunch and dinner is in one meal only! Around 4 o’clock everyday…(huhu)… That is why I am not fat! (haha).. One old friend of mine said to me “You still look the same as if your still in form 5”. All my old friends have doubled their weight.
Last words from me, don’t let money control over you. Spend money for best and clear purpose only. May ALLAH bless us all.    

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