Wednesday, July 14, 2010


 Life is along way indeed...
Day: Sunday
Date: July 11th
Time: 2.30 am
Exhausted. I can’t believe the exhaustion that I’m in at this moment. I’m sweating like crazy! My whole clothes are wet. Well, it is kind of impossible not to sweat if you are looking for the department of English Language and Literature in the department of IRK (near the Masjid). So you went on rooming like 3-4 times and stumbled on the same place around the whole IRK building and you find no sign that is written “Department of English Language and Literature”.
Then I called my sahabah, “Akhi, where is the department of English (DELL), I can’t find it anywhere in KIRKHS near the Masjid” then he replied with a very laughing tone “Haha, you will never find that place if you are in KIRKHS near the Masjid, that department is near the EDU building.” Oh I was like hitting my on head on the wall. “Am I stupid or what? I forgot everything as my previous department was in AIKOL (Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyah of Laws)”.
12.00 pm to 2.30 am. I spent three and a half hours just to find DELL. Now I know that it is just near CELPAD. What a relief!
At 2.30 am I reached my room. All my friends were all awake waiting anxiously for the final showdown Netherland vs. Spain. But I wasn’t interested. I’ll just surf the internet for the match preview later. 
I know that I’m undeniably worn out, but I can’t sleep this night! Why can’t I sleep because tomorrow is A FRESH START for me!
Starting from tomorrow (12/7/2010) I am no longer the same person I am. I chose to change. I chose to become a new person. I chose to follow my dream since I was 15 years old. What is it? What is my dream I’m mumbling about?
Maybe for the past semester, I am known to be a law student taking law classes and willing to be a future lawyer. But all of that has become history. I am no longer a LAW student. I am someone else. I changed my program to BENL (Bachelor of English Language and Literature). I am following my mother’s footsteps. She has a PHD in English (I am not sure what is her specialization). So I am not LAW anymore student but I am a BENL student.
When this happens, the famous question that arises is “Why did you change your program Amin?” This is the first obstacle I have to confront. Then I usually will answer back “Do you want a short answer or a long answer?”
So the question here is that WHY DID I CHOOSE TO CHANGE MY PROGRAM? I am willing to share it in my next post to come. Till then. Wassalam


Siti Asma Bt. Mohd. Noor said...

well it's a big shock for me to hear the news..changing course? because i was himega participant and your words about lawyer stunning me..
because of that it was one of reasons i choose lawyer
i wait next post to know the answers..
however, gudluck in whatever you are doing..insyaAllah

Amin Misran said...

"You are a rare person amin" said one of my classmates..

But the heart wants what the heart wants ukhti..

That is my short answer for now...

Don't back down from LAW, like what I did...

fatimah said...

salam amin..apa2 pun, moga ia bermanfaat utk islam & dirimu di ms depan. Jiddiyah & ikhlas, itu penting. selamat belajar & menjadi budak BEN

ibnuQamar said...

Akhi, just dont 4get 2 change ur profile intro

Amin Misran said...

To fatimah.. Doakan ana terus thabat..

Bachelor of English is a very social program...

To IbnQ: I'll change but i'll put "A former LAW student"...

Just for my memory...

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