Monday, July 19, 2010


By: ~dae_meen~
“Sir, feel free to donate to our brothers and sisters in GAZA” I said to people walking there while holding a fund raising box with a poster of Life Line 4 GAZA l BREAK THE SIEGE. On top of that box, I also sell a sticker of Mc Donald, instead of “Drive trough”, it is written “Drive away”, this is to promote public awareness on the importance of boycotting Israeli products, and you can get that sticker from me just for RM2. I met like tons of people by doing these two things, some of them donated, some of them bought the sticker, some of them smiled and went off. Out of all the people I met that day; only one person gave me a shock I will never forget!  This person was a man, middle aged man like 30s to 40s.
“Sir, please donate for our brothers and sisters in GAZA” I said to this man. He then gave me a tense look and said “When are you guys going to stop this?! It’s not like the money we donate will reach there! Do you think Israel will certainly allow the aids from Mavi Marmara enter GAZA?!” Then he left. Just left like that without me explaining to him the real deal. I didn’t have the chance to do so as he was shouting and people all around me was looking us having this ‘debate’. Well, it is a good thing actually he got away fast, instead of me explaining with my words; maybe I could have smacked his head off! His words made my blood boil! Astaghfirullah…
            His words made me ponder, why am I doing this? Why are we still helping out our brothers and sisters in GAZA? I penetrated my mind with many questions, and then I came to a conclusion, “HAVE WE ENDED THE SIEGE?” It seems as if we our contribution to realize the Life Line 4 GAZA l BREAK THE SIEGE project is so big, but actually what we’ve achieved so far is only a little portion before AL-AQSA will be liberated. If freeing AL-AQSA requires 10 steps, maybe we have only done the first. We still have long way to go my friend. The bloody tragedy on 31 May was only the beginning. 31 May was only like a solar eclipse, Israel was seen as the real terrorist on that day forward, the next steps that we will do is make sure that “Israel and the gang” will face an eternal blackout!! We will slam you until you can’t even breathe!!
            This is not the time to call on quits; this is surely not the time for us to stop. The purpose of LL4G l BTS is not solely to send aids for GAZA but to end the siege thus liberate Palestine from the dark hands of Zionist. Have we reached that? For those who are on the verge of breaking down, for those who feel spiritually weak, for those who are exhausted of walking this path of truth, this is my advice to you “Stand back up again, even when standing is difficult.” If we are not going to finish this job of freeing AL-AQSA then you will? If we are not fit enough to spread this code of life than who will?
             “STAND UP, STAND STRONG” Never back down, ALLAH promises awaits us. Muslim 4 life, come one, Muslim unites, strive for Islam, and strive for ALLAH. 


Muhamad Nurullah said...

muslims stand up!!

terry bogart said...

ayat mudahnya.. Islam xrugi apa pun kalau orang tu xnak coz ramai lg manusia yg bhajat utk syurga

Munsyi said...

allahuakbar.Gonna share your thought in my blog.

p/s:there r some typo i think. :)

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